♥ [ Holistic beauty ] ♥ Raw onion juice for major hair growth

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Hair regrowth expert


  1. Nice home remedy for hair loss. This may not work for all as there are
    different extents of hair loss but there’s no harm in trying!

  2. do you guys know how to make onion juice i really want to learn please
    help guys

  3. can we use anything lz for preventing the smell , like lemon or

  4. Scary..after I applied Raw onion to my hair and I let it on for 1 hour.
    When I go shower and shampoo, GOSHHHHHHHHHH my hair felt off a lot. It
    suppose to be like that??? If my hair fall off that much I am sure within a
    month I go bald.

  5. Im doin it now i hope it really works. I mean i know the reason wht my hair
    is fall8ng i hope this one really helps. Will give feedback after a frw
    weeks or so. GODBLESS

  6. Hi
    I liked your video and took notes but you have not mentioned how much
    quantity of essential oils should be blended with onion juice and I would
    also like to know that after applying these blended ingredients to the
    roots and hair. How long should you wait to shampoo and condition the hair
    ???? please …

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