6 Yoga Poses for Hair Growth

Long healthy hair is a reflection of beauty, vitality and youth. Some people experience thinning hair or even hair loss, which is related to genetics and you…

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  1. Hi i love this video but i want to ask a thing… i’m not arrogant or noosy
    or something like that but i’m 16 and i lost lot of hair since 2 years but
    i’m not bald…. i just want to ask you if it really works (with me) or it
    is something that helps 🙂 Thank You!

  2. start with 30 sec during the initial days and increase gradually upto

  3. Hey Lexi, I really loved all the poses which are very good for Hair
    growth.. I love doing Yoga and make sure I spend min 45 mins everyday doing
    these asanas.. They really do wonders n results are awesome.. I’ve
    experienced it..!!! Thanks for such a informative poses for hair growth..
    Good Luck! 🙂

  4. ur cute an di love ur vids… very usefull for me… thnx for upload…!

  5. For beginners I would definitely suggest a spotter for some of these poses.

  6. You can stay in each pose for at least 5 breaths, and work your way up to
    10 or more.

  7. i am definitly subbing 🙂 very informative and relaxing. i have one
    question.. how long do you stay in each pose a minute 2 min ?

  8. But i don’t want long hair ,i want only growth and strong hair , this yoga
    has been helped or not ? Lexi

  9. Great video Lexi I found it very helpful and encouraging to watch and
    listen to I added it to my favorites and will add the poses to my hair
    routine asap

  10. Can you please clarify if some one with hypertension is doing this, will it
    create a contra effect since I read somewhere that blood flow to head may
    increase hypertension. [eg. Shirshasan]

  11. Hello. I saw your other video 4 poses for hair growth. I want ask can I add
    to these headstand. Or combine one period 6 poses another 4 poses?I am
    doing 1 min each, when is ok. Thanks for healthy videos. 

  12. These 6 Yoga poses can actually trigger hair growth! But you need patience: 6
    Yoga Poses for Hair Growth

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