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  1. Hi Jumpinjack1, I love that name :); the stub is now about 2 1/2 inches
    long. Its pretty cool. It sticks straight up! Its like i have a little
    mohalk. ??Sp? So I slick it back in a ponytail; but when I teach Turbo
    Kick, & start to sweat, it pokes through the other hairs and sticks
    straight up ­čÖé at first, i felt as if it was embarrassing; but now, I just
    smile at it. I have also been taking Biotin. Do you?

  2. Hi ..ChakaTeCaS254546 .. Where are your spots? How long ago did you find
    them? Have you gone to a dermatiologist yet? It will all work out. Your
    beautiful. you havent changed.

  3. 12.5% minoxidol, regaine only comes 5% extra the stronger the better.

  4. I have this to and im only 16 it sucks and is sad because u dont look soo
    good and I feel that nobody should get this because is takes a long time
    for ur hear to grow back life sucks but u just got to go with

  5. I was very distressed after I found a patch in my scalp. it was spreading
    very fast and hair fall rate was too high. I was really concerned and doing
    some research on the Internet on how to stop this by herbal things. I was
    so lucky I found “ARGANRain Products ” website w…arganrain…net and now
    i have been using it for a while my shedding stopped, and some new hair
    came out.

  6. Hi…I’ve had bald spots for two years now, they grow back and move around.
    Fed!! Started when I was 32ish. Did you have trauma before yours

  7. castor seed rub on cocunut oil u ll get gel apply that into affected zone,
    the next day u ll get a small pimples on the affected area apply cocunut
    oil 5 time a day. u ll get a result with in a week. all the best

  8. wow! i mean not about the bald spots. that sucks.. but how are u this
    cheerful looking knowing that u have a bald spots?

  9. Thats the first step!!!! So happy for you and you’re beautiful! any updates?

  10. Mine finally grew back, but the hair came back extremely thin compared to
    rest of my hair. Also the hair is a strange transparent-like color.

  11. I think I have the same problem I have two bland spots one on each side of
    the front of my head Any help?

  12. you have an update video after getting the injections? did your
    hair ever grow back?´╗┐

  13. Hey I have the same problem mad me want to cry also bc I’m a 21 yr old guy
    I have one on the side of my head big as a nickel´╗┐

  14. You could regrow your thinning hair or cure your baldness totally by stop
    the creation of DHT (the hormone that cause hairloss)´╗┐

  15. My balds spot are like your and cant not be hidden, both are on my sides. I
    believe that trama and birth control pills triggers hair disease. I fell on
    the ground backwards on ice and started taking birth control and within a
    week later, hair starting falling out. Before I knew I had two large bald
    spots on side of head and daughter says a spot starting further back. My
    hair has not grown at all in 5 months since I started taking birth control
    pills. Ladies I believe it is a hormone problem, that has gotten out of
    control and any trama making it worse. I am testing it by taking hormone
    pills to see what happens.My hair has stopped growing all together, which
    is very strange. My hair use to grow super fast til the fall. I’m sending
    you some love. Be strong. I know how you feel. People see your bald spots
    and they think you got a disease that is contagious and look at your like
    you’re crazy. It is very embarrassing and hurtful to self esteem.´╗┐

  16. Arga nlife products works! At least it worked for me, after the first 2
    months I noticed the results, my hair stopped to fall. If you are suffering
    from hair loss, you must give this product a try.´╗┐

  17. I get bald spots because I grit my teeth maybe it triggers nerves so it
    thinks I get stressed and I lose hair´╗┐

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