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  1. Hi guys…the time is currently 11:47am…
    I’ll return later this evening to answer
    and questions or address comments! <3

  2. Thanks for sharing this, I’m anemic and have always wondered why my hair
    shed so much. I had to take pills for 2 months but did it for like 2 weeks.
    I’m looking forward to part 2.

  3. wow. side by side like that yes you did go through it. glad you are

  4. Thanks for sharing… This is truly something that needs to be seen because
    people don’t realize the importance of health.. Signs and symptoms are
    there but are easily ignored and just like you..people don’t go to a doc to
    get checked until things get too bad. Glad you got things better handled
    and hope things get better for you. :)

  5. This is a great video! A few yrs ago I didn’t kno I was anemic n I was
    getting my cycle every 2-3 wks, so my Dr put me on iron n vit d vitamins n
    my hair n cycle n skin is much better it’s do much better now that I only
    take my iron pills me hen my cycle comes!!!!

  6. I am so Thankful for this video, thank you sis! Now i know what I have to

  7. Wow ! is all I can say…I’m so happy you are doing better. This video is
    so inspiring, truly inspiring ! I think I’m going to start taking iron
    pills just to be on the safe side. Your hair is gorgeous though:) 

  8. I have the same too! I found out when I wanted to donate blood years ago.
    This is a great and informative video!!! Thank You for talking about

  9. With all my pregnancies I had a iron deficiency. My sons friend girl has a
    big issue with iron deficiency due to eating ice and she has to have a iron
    infusion( I guess I’m saying this correctly) it’s more like having a blood
    infusion. Thanks so much for sharing this info. 

  10. Definitely looking forward to part two and part three. You got my ears
    perked up on this one because the shedding sounds like the shedding that I
    have experienced in the past. Thank you for doing this.

  11. Thanks for sharing, I’m glad that you’ve got a handle on the situation 

  12. Omg sis, I’m experiencing the same exact thing right now!!! I need to have
    my iron checked!!

  13. I am so glad you did this video. My hair has been shedding excessively for
    the past two 3 years. I know part of it is heredity but I also have low
    iron…. I am not considered anemic, but the dr has told me to take a low
    dose of iron on a consistent basis, which I completely let go of long
    ago… I realized by watching your video that I need to get back to it…..
    That you so much…

  14. I’ve been told to get checked for anemia too. I crave ice soo bad. I love
    the small balls of ice mmmmm. I knew I had a problem about 2 yrs ago in the
    winter I was driving and craving ice, before I knew it I had my hand out
    the window reaching for an icicle on my windshield. I stopped and said to
    myself “what are you doing?” It was so bad. Also my hair has been shedding
    so bad also and any conditioner or shampoo made it even worse. I don’t like
    doctors either but I’m h going to start taking iron pills. I already added
    the greens in my diet.

  15. wow sis thankz for sharing this, and it is sad that when you see your hair
    is going downhill you make an appointment with the dr. smh, everything will
    be fine, i hate swallowing pills too i feel you, thank for sharing again
    looking forward to part 2

  16. Sis thanka for being vulnerable and sharing. Lonhghairdontcare2011 (rip)
    died bc of health problems. I think its great and extremely relevant to
    talk about anemia, lupus….and not just physical appearance. 

  17. I think you should seriously consider fasting and taking apple cidar
    vinegar as a natural supplement. There have been so many rave reviews over
    the internet about fasting and apple cider vinegar diet. And I researched
    and it seems like many people have cured anemia through fasting. I was sick
    once with coughs, sneezes, and phlegm. I liquid fasted for about 2 days and
    was cured of all of it. Also the power of words is strong. I read from
    Louis Hayes and listen to Joel Osteen and they both talk about how we can
    heal ourselves by speaking positive declarations of faith over and into our
    bodies. I always say my hair is growing wonderfully and is soft and
    manageable and that I am getting more attractive everyday and how much life
    loves me and how I’m blessed and that’s truly how everything is turning
    out! So make sure you’re speaking your health into existence above anything

  18. Yes my iron is low because I have fibroid and heavy cycles I was losing so
    much hair and did not connect the two I was so low my doctor wanted to give
    me a transfusion but I chose the prescription iron tablets 

  19. I have anemia, but the iron pills and the shots makes me vomit and I just
    can’t get back to my healthy iron levels.

  20. Good info on iron deficiency
    Was just wondering do u have any pics of u with really short hair? Curious

  21. I appreciate ALL of your
    testimonies and most of all SUPPORT!
    I can’t address them all at the moment, but I’ll come back later tonight!

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