Hair regrowth expert


  1. take the free food. fuck the weight loss just spend your food budget on
    more luxury items

  2. Hey Arch
    In your current trajectory of decline, within five years you will probably
    be looking a lot like this dude (with the addition of a wig or a used
    Donald Trump toupee from ebay)
    Losing weight is a good idea for your health, however the
    ‘weightwatcher/jenny craig diet will become boring very quickly and the
    small portions may force you to indulge in excessive oral mastication and
    exacerbate a fixation on the good fried fatty stuff.
    Anyway it would be very entertaining journey for your fans and haters alike.
    As for the hair…well that would be a yeah yeah…though most contemporary
    women don’t care how old or ugly you are as long as you have a
    Food for thought Archipaul…!

  3. The weight loss program sounds better. A bad hair replacement is very
    expensive to reverse, it leaves scars, and you could get a tightness in
    your neck from the donor site and that spells headaches. 

  4. Speak to Andy Hunter about how to manage your hair and to Ivan Vanity about
    how to stay in shape. + they will even give you ideas about how to make
    money off it if you ask nice.

  5. Weight loss all the way, a thin bald guy looks much better than a fat guy
    with a full head of hair. 

  6. Go for the weight loss!!! If you succeed, you be so confident. Weight
    loss videos also gets lots of hits on YouTube…

  7. Do it! Do it! Do it! Do them both!! We all want to look better! Why
    not improve oneself and get paid for it. Free food?!! This is a no

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