Ariana Grande Cries At Grammys Over Her Hair Falling Out

Ariana Grande cries at the Grammys 2014 after mean bloggers and tweeters criticize her hair and her dress, but it turns out her hair is falling out. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/10cQZ5j Starring…

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  1. Ariana is such a cutie. We’re so into her right now. And she looked so HOT
    at the Grammys. Haters are just plain off base on this one. 

  2. shes losing her hair cause of us.
    shes crying cause of us.
    ariana grande is so kind { my opinion }
    i dont get why people hates her. 

  3. Fucking little puta pendeja. She made a living of acting like a fucking
    idiot on nickelodeon for years. Nobody pays me to talk too loud in an
    annoying ass voice. She thinks it’s cute but it’s a sorry ass excuse for a

  4. Pardon me while i play the worlds smallest violin for her. What about all
    the cancer patients that loose their hair during chemo? No one reports on
    them. She’s rich and spoiled. She can deal with it. 

  5. Well, I realize that people can be rough about stuff, but in the first
    place it is her fault for agreeing to dye her hair in such a bad way. Dying
    your hair should always be done by a professional and you should be high
    maintenance about it. So, really, because her hair is breaking ect is her
    fault. But, I do know what it feels like to have crap hair and cry about it
    because of people. However, I am taking care of my hair now and it’s
    perfectly fine. I have girls coming up to me asking how I treat my hair and
    what my hair color is and how I style it. You know what the answer to that
    is? I put oil in my hair and wash my hair every 3 days or every once a week
    with no special shampoo and conditioner. Also, my hair is always in the
    natural waves that I’ve always had it. Just go short then go long again. 

  6. Ariana is my favrouite singer and THERE IS NOTHING WRONG ABOUT HER PRETTY
    HAIR so leave her alone she was on sam and cat a kids TV show me and my
    sister love her music am getting her music for christmas 

  7. I don’t feel bad at all. She didn’t /have/ to keep dying her hair. Such
    bullshit. She could have worn a wig for Victorious. You think she’d rather
    do that instead of ruining her hair with the constant dying. Also she
    probably never took care of it when she dyed it. It’s her own fault. It’s
    pathetic people are throwing her a pity party over her fucking hair.


  9. People are just jealous because Ariana is pretty and the haters are nothing
    but rachet ass hoes who think they are pretty.

    Rachet Hoes!

  10. There’s more hate than love for Ariana. I’ve noticed. I can undertsand why
    many dislike her but
    is hating a celebrity really worth the hate?

  11. People should not making fun of her! You should care for her, and still I
    stiil like her 

  12. Do you really believe that? she’s so skinny she might be losing her hair
    because of her eating disorder… it is no natural for a girl her age to
    look that skinny…

  13. Great. Teach teenage girls to wear extensions and wigs, so what’s next..
    makeup and boob jobs? Instead of taking the opportunity to say “girls,
    don’t dye your hair because this is what you could get” or “girls, stay
    natural”, they say it’s ok for a girl that age to wear extensions… And
    then we ask ourselves why is natural beauty gone? Sad. I’m out of here.

  14. She’s crying over losing her hair because of the hair dye? Yet there are
    millions of people around the world who are losing their hair due to
    chemotherapy. I’m just so sick of stupid reports on celebrities that are so
    tasteless and unnecessary. 

  15. I started losing my hair in 3rd grade (that’s when I found out I had
    anxiety) this happened because I was always stressed and having panic
    attacks and I didn’t know what they were so I would keep it to myself and I
    guess that wasn’t good because my hair got weak and if you ran your hand
    through it you’d feel it coming off and your hand would be filled with big
    tufts of hair

  16. Jeez people complaining about cancer patients has got to be the most
    moronic thing I’ve read in a long while. That’s like saying we shouldn’t
    pitty someone who’s lost a foot because some people don’t have legs. We
    shouldn’t feel bad for people that only have one meal per day because poor
    children in Africa are starving. Actually, we shouldn’t feel bad for
    anybody at all, because poor children in Africa! There is ALWAYS someone
    who has it worse than you. So WHAT?? that suddenly makes your situation
    okay? . We ALL know that cancer is tragic, NOBODY claimed it isn’t. But
    that doesn’t mean that we cannot feel bad for someone who does not have

  17. Lmao this bitch is throwing a pity-party for herself because her natural
    hair is “ratchet and absurd”? Oh, poor, poor little Gloriana. </3

  18. That is so mean. She is beautiful and sweet and anyone that says anything
    mean is jealous. 

  19. To Ariana Fans: Don’t take this the wrong way but I thought it was her real
    hair all this time so when I read the title about her hair falling off.. I
    thought this will be a funny comedy video cause I didn’t realize her hair
    was actually fake or an extension. So while I’m disappointed that this
    wasn’t for funny entertainment, I kinda felt bad for ariana.

  20. Why are people being so mean to ariana? She looked pretty and beautiful at
    the grammys and she deserves generous comments about it. Some people need
    to start being nice and generous, its not her fault that she had to dye her
    hair on victorious and that it started to fall out. So you guys need to
    give ariana a break about her hair, she is comfortable with the half up
    ponytail until her natural hair grows back and that will take forever. If I
    hated ariana then I would keep my opinions to myself. In fact people were
    so mean that they would tweet about how ugly ariana is everyday. I think
    she looks pretty with her half up ponytail, even if she was bald. Ignore
    the idiots who make ariana cry, they are just mean and they are considered
    opposite arianators. All celebs are beautiful on the inside and people
    don’t have to leave rude comments about them, its just wrong and mean. I
    hope you guys will understand about what ariana has gone through. Team
    Ariana! shame on you haters!

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