Hair regrowth expert


  1. I have a friend who went bald early. The weird thing is he had no facial
    hair until he went totally bald, then in a few months he had a full beard.
    It was just strange. The beard just wouldn’t grow until all the hair on his
    head was gone.

  2. i had bit longer hair today i went to barber for a haircut and wel well
    well my hair is like …… i can see whole scalp trought it GETTING BALD
    and i am 24 and skinny and paleee! gonna look like cancer patient…. and i
    can still cover it up but…. nobody is supporting me to go full bald need
    some man power!!!! help!!!

  3. I wish everyone faced the situation with his attitude. An he’s still sexy
    anyway. A thumbs up is not enough for this video, I need an extra like
    button for special occasions.

  4. Fun Fact: Pete’s face gets more and more symmetrical as he ages.

  5. I know the cure. I’m not telling you assholes though! As a guy I’ve grown
    almost all my hair back. If you’re reading this bro send me a message! No

  6. Well if he ever wants hair, he could always wear that Mr. Rogers one

  7. i started to realise that i was losing my hair now a few moths later i
    notices new growth balding can be stopped to a certain degree

  8. Listening to this song makes my worry to my baldness gone thanks nice

  9. aww nicepeter you are still handsome bald or not. talent is what makes you
    attractive. 🙂 hope that it doesnt sound wrong. lol i was actually sad when
    I found out Steve Burns left Blues Clues because he was going bald :”( that
    really did hurt.

  10. Awwwww this was heartwarming and sad because I had this exact same
    situation a while ago and I felt bad about deciding to just shave my head.
    This made me feel better, so, thanks I guess. 

  11. im 17 with a receiding hairline.. probably going to be bald at my early 20s
    ( really early 20s im talking 21 ) any advice ????

  12. Thanks for this song , Pete,I used to have long hair but I noticed that it
    was getting thinner by the day and really fast and it was harder and harder
    to cover it up and so, after watching this video and a lot of bald related
    stuff on the net, I decided to go full skinhead bald 😛 . That was almost 3
    and a half months ago at the beginning of summer break and I haven’t
    regretted a day since (except for those few days when I got sunburns which
    still crack me up :))))) . Anyway , thanks Nice Peter for giving me that
    extra push I needed.

  13. I’ve loved this since I first saw it. Not gonna lie, it was probably an
    inspiration to me to make my own balding song.
    Poppin Propecia (Finasteride Lines), which is on my channel.

  14. Bald is not bad. people don’t need hair anyway, they don’t keep warm, they
    are just for looks and people look good even without them 🙂
    Font: a person who hates his own hair and cuts ’em on a daily basis.

  15. at 18 my alopecia has grown progressively worse, your video pushed me to
    shave my head and I’m feeling much better for it, thanks nicepeter 🙂 

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