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  1. I’m a sensitive type. Been losing my hair since I was 19. Started shaving
    my head IMMEDIATELY. NO clinging to the scraps. Numerous benefits. Just one
    to share for now: People assume I’m a lot tougher than I am.

  2. Is Propecia really working ? I’m 18 and I’m really thinking about it every
    day, I’ll do anything to stop it

  3. I used to have long hair to the neck, last year i got a “normal” short
    hairstyle. I noticed that my hair was quite thin. After a while, i could
    usually see the top of my head through my hair. I decided to shave it, at
    first i was kind of worried to go out. That people would laugh at me, but
    nobody noticed anyhting. My friends liked it, and i actually liked it
    myself 🙂 It ended up giving me alot of confidence i didn’t use to have.
    People shouldn’t be that worried about it 🙂

  4. for sure. I obsessed over my hair loss for a year when I finally shaved and
    went to a party the next day I got nothing but compliments. it was the most
    liberating feeling ever.

  5. You probably masturbated like a mad man too!!! Look quit masturbating (it’s
    hard but not impossible) and take vitamins, I bet you 100 dollars your hair
    is going to start coming back in the next four months. Also try to not eat
    any meat, only fruits and vegetables, lots of water. You’re bald because
    you’re vitamin deficient, and don’t give me any of that “OH it’s genetic”
    bull shit, genetically you’re suppose to have hair, because you have the
    follicles there, they die because they are starving.

  6. Well quit masturbating for about 4 months, and your hair should start
    coming back. Also take a multi vitamin for 90 days. I promise your hair
    will come back, I’m living proof. Your hair fell out because you’re vitamin

  7. While I don’t doubt the things you listed are the cause of some cases of
    hair loss, it isn’t my case. I have hereditary baldness and nothing is
    bringing my hair back except for maybe HT surgery or propecia..but I’m not
    doing either of those :p

  8. It is normal for the guys hairline to recede in the mid twenties without it
    being baldness. the hairline just changes. I thought I was going bald
    because my hairline changed but 5 years later and my hair is the same.

  9. Every bald (or receding hairline) man should watch this!

    This is the first step to accept the religion that is baldness , Hail Bruce
    Wilis! Hail Zidane! BALD POWERRRR!!!!! 

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