Balding Hair Tips with Sebastian Lightfoot

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  1. This one is for all my bearded brothers who are dealing with balding hair.
    Big props to Sebastian for the knowledge!

  2. Great video guys!! I’ve been waiting for this one for a while.

    QUESTION: I’m starting to slightly thin up on my crown. I’ve also finally
    inspired myself to start working on a slicked back disconnected hairstyle.
    In your experience is that something that would be able to be pulled off or
    would that need not work.

    PS – Eric, I started following you guys mid October, and I wanted to say
    thank you for inspiring me to finally embrace growing my beard. Almost two
    months in and going strong. Really changed up my self image. 

  3. Good video, but I think I will just stick to having my hair really short
    than rather than take any drugs. For me biotin has only the effect that the
    remaining hairs grow faster and my nails grow ridiculously fast.

  4. Thanks for this, the tips were useful. I don’t think treating my balding
    head with drugs or products is for me, but to each his own. It at least
    gave me something to consider and think about. My current solution to the
    balding is growing a well-kept beard to put the focus there and trimming
    the scalp short. Cheers.

  5. If you reach 50,000 subscribers or more by the end of next year, will you
    shave your beard? 

  6. Just came across your channel; best channel I’ve came across in a long
    time. Great work! 

  7. Greetings from Duncan, SC! I just found out that my hair is thinning a
    couple of days ago. after watching this I have gotten some great tips on
    what to do. Thanks guys.

  8. The natural look is in and balding is part of that natural process. I
    myself am going bald with grace. My advice is to go with it, rather then
    fight it. Keep On Bearding.

  9. Great video! Luckily, at 28 years old I have no signs of balding but ive
    always been interested in who goes bald… I have made a clear correlation
    though! Most of the guys that had thick facial hair at 15-16 years old are
    now bald. The guys (like me) who’s beard was thin or non existent at the
    ages 18-20 SEEM to hold onto their hair a lot longer/or dont go bald at
    all. Im pretty certain that it has to do with hormones 100% (hormones that
    were chosen by genetics). The kids that got a deep voice and could grow a
    beard at 13 years old are all at risk for baldness (according to my
    standards hahahaha). People, please dont take this as gospel!

  10. man boobs… hahaha… embrace the baldness… don’t let the avatar kid
    ya… I’ve since shaved the dome.

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