Balding Like a Man

http://www.youtube.com/user/TheGuysManual Grape-Nuts and ESPN’s Kenny Mayne team up to make sure you know how to handle your hairloss like a man in this epis…

Hair regrowth expert


  1. yeah.. I started at 18. 22 now, lucky it’s going slowly. I reckon I only
    got a year left though..

  2. balding does suck but the shaving of the head is a good move though, but if
    your like me and have part of your skull caved in from a childhood accident
    theres always restoration surgery

  3. @TheEngineer562 Me neither brother, I’m 23 and been thinning since 18,
    sucks, no other way to put it

  4. such a faggot like you is a great material for a father of another bald
    faggot. go spread your disease to your kids. LOSER.

  5. OMG that is way young have you been to a doctor you never know it could be
    some thing else

  6. dude you have no idea who I am or what my life is like. I know it must be
    shocking to you that people are capable of being confident and happy
    regardless of their appearance. I assure you it’s not only possible but
    common. You are the one projecting your own inadequacies on other people
    via youtube. Classic shit man, learn something about basic psychology and
    you might learn a tiny bit about what makes you post the things you do.
    It’s not a disease, that’s the most ignorant shit I’ve ever read

  7. Then look up L64 in the International Classification of Diseases.

  8. Bob is just a stupid douchebag. I doubt someone with a full head of hair
    would even bother looking at hairloss videos. Unless they maybe just want
    to be assholes and make wisecracks.

  9. LOOOL keep lying to yourself, mr loser :] it will NEVER happen to me purely
    because of my SUPERIOR genes. I will slap your giant bald forehead next
    time I see you, sir :]

  10. why is everyone so angry, at the end of the day my ears are fine, so i wont
    go on a video of people with bad ears n rip them because i have no
    interest. so these guys on here with good hair who are rippin on bald guys
    have something to hide, or maybe their wife left them for a bald guy, i
    dont know.. but something happened to make them dislike bald guys, because
    most guys with good hair, wont bother with this video in the first place.

  11. You dont have to give in to balding if you choose the right product. I’m
    using Hair Cubed & it has completely reversed the signs of balding! I use
    the spray & the pills. I never thought I would find something that works
    this well. I have tried them all too, Rogaine, Toppix, Caboki.. none of
    them yielded the results Hair Cubed has. Check them out mates! You wont be

  12. Propecia causes lRREVERSIBLE IMPOTENCE in most men !!
    Avoid that fucking drug at all costs ! Also don’t fall for the BULLSHIT
    COMMENTS being posted by Merck employees. Just shave head for hairloss !

  13. I’ve been stuck in stage 4 for almost 2 years and i’m only 22 #fml 🙁 

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