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  1. See this guy does not have to shave his head, guys with receding hairlines
    can get away with it, but i have no choice but to shave my Head I goy my
    hairline but i got two big bald patches on my head one on the top of my
    head then a piece of hair and then a bald spot on my crown, fuck i can’t
    even go bald right…

  2. I have a receeding hair line and a ‘chrome dome’ but i keep what hair i
    have and just wear it tight cut and as best i can. Your receeding hair was
    nowhere as bad as mine. You look a little weird with the full shaved
    head..and i very much agree with all the comments your dad made and totally
    back him up. Hope your Mam was o.k. after the shock…

  3. LOL. Man your dad is funny. To some extent, he does make a valid point. My
    folks get pissy too every time I buzz my hair off.

  4. just one advice: since I started to eat small food portions three times a
    day and stoped eating three four hours before bedtime I have stoppe to
    loose hair. 🙂 maybe its something test for a day and se how you feel. a
    felt depressed when I lost my hair but when I started to eat small portions
    I never feel depressed and can sleep better which stopped the hair loss.
    very strange but if it works for you to I am happy. test it for a day or
    two and se how you feel and if you can sleep better. 🙂

  5. I think you could grow your hair a bit longer and camouflage the receding
    hairline like Ashton Kutcher. I have diffuse thinning all at the top with
    hairline intact. I would rather have your loss.

  6. Shaving your head is not “beating” hair loss. Its capitulation, you’re
    fucking giving up.

    Bald people look like adult babies.

  7. Your video was the first in many a few years back when i was contemplating
    buzzing or shaving my hair. As of August 2013 i have been buzzing my
    receding hair and since then and feel FREE! Free from the embarrassment and
    ridiculousness of having bad DNA. Thanks for the humorous video. 

  8. your hair was not so receded but it suits u anyway!! cheers!

  9. With parents like that no wonder his hairline is so receding, jeez

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