Chemo hair loss video (what happens over 5 days)

To read my complete blog post visit: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20639905,00.html While on a family vacation I hit my 2 and half week mark after …

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  1. You seem to have pretty bad problems dude. Why would you say those things
    to a girl which is going thru a hard time? No social competence at all, you
    are just a little retard.

  2. You are so brave showing this……I will keep you in my prayers and wish
    you well with your treatment.

  3. My gf and I have been together for a long time and we recently found out
    she had breast cancer. She 28 years old. With the stage of the cancer they
    needed to remove both breast in order to save her life. She has started her
    2nd round of treatment and is very ill from it but is staying strong. Her
    hair was a big part of her, like most women. She cried for days at the
    thought of loosing it. You are a strong person for being able to share this
    person and emotional experience of you life.

  4. thank you for sharing this video with us. you are really strong and
    beautiful.. I think you will upload a video of you with a lot of hair and
    nice smiles in a few months. we are looking forward to it! keep in mind
    that there are so many people who support you! One of your supporters from
    Japan. stay strong!

  5. Oh wow the beautiful smile at the end helped stopped my tears. You are
    strong and I am weak. Your hair will grow back but your strength will be
    your beauty.

  6. I really liked how you said that part about people talking about their hair
    too much. Sometimes people don’t know what to say to someone who has
    cancer. Some of the things people say can come across very heartless or
    dismissive. Keep fighting Diem, keep being the brave fighter we all know
    and love. Kick cancer’s ass…again!

  7. i hope your doing ok. after seeing this i think im gonna save myself the
    torture and just shave mine. I start chemo the week after christmas….

  8. Oh darling, I am so sorry you have to go through this. You are so strong.

  9. So, guess you sell the stuff. There is NO CURE, yet! Be careful of the

  10. your very brave… I just have my third chemo finish… and in 1 week my
    hair start falling like yours,…. by now it’s much gone… your so
    brave… I am busy searching a human wig to get ready with this. -.- !!

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