Cinnamon Hot Oil Treatment for Hair Growth

Super Moisturizing, Hair Growing Hot Oil Treatment!!! Grow longer hair, repair heat damage, add moisture and shine!!! LIKE | COMMENT | SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/1hTOuNJ ツ ————————-…

Hair regrowth expert


  1. Very informative video!.. Do you know if oil treatments are ok to do on
    highlighted hair?..Thank You for sharing! :)

  2. Thanks +Tracy Timberlake I’ve been waiting for some more DIY’S. I can’t
    wait for the cleansing balm video. Oh and I would use the oil for this DIY
    of course. ;-)

  3. Watch +Tracy Timberlake do her wonderful DIY hair growth treatment and also
    win a little something. MUST BE A SUBSCRIBER OF HERS!!!

  4. AHHHH gorgeous hair! Can we swap pwetty please! I still love you if not
    haha! gorgeous and informative video!

  5. I’m allergic to coconuts, so is there an alternative to using coconut
    butter that would give the same result?

  6. Hi Tracy, please enter me in the contest. I would like to try this hot oil
    treatment for myself and my three girls (maybe just two, the baby barely
    lets me talk about her hair, lol). Their hair needs some added moisture and
    shine, especially during track season. Btw, where can I get the coconut
    stuff from? Love the video, thanks!

  7. I GAVE to try this. You have the best hair ever! My hair is kinda similar
    to yours, it’s just not as long or dense. But it is very curly and
    requires a LOT of moisture or it breaks off. Thanks for this! Can’t wait
    to try!

  8. Omg your hair is so long & beautiful! Trying this tomorrow am, thank you!

  9. last couple of hours to enter this giveaway if you havent already….

  10. I will be trying the out on my daugther hair. Thanks for sharing I always
    love your diy

  11. Your hair is gorgeous, thanks for sharing this great video:)

  12. Please, please, please tell me you sped up the video and you’re not that
    rough when combing that beautiful hair!!

  13. Great video. Have you considered using cinnamon oil for this? It’s very
    powerful so maybe one drop will be more than enough. But it might get less
    tangled up than powder. Just a thought.

  14. Can you use olive oil and cinnamon because I dont have the other stuff?
    Also how do you know if your hair is sensitive

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