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  1. If creatine is causing hair loss for you, you’re prone to male pattern and
    going to lose it regardless.

  2. Argan life products, this is something you just have to try and see the
    difference, after which you will be the next person to addicted to it. My
    shedding stopped, my hair stronger , shinny and smooth. I would suggest you
    visit arganl ife.

  3. Don’t take it man, because is toxic, I mean some of the chemical reactions,
    it may turn into creatinine if it stays in a liquid for long enough.

  4. Fuck that. I would stop that shit yesterday. Lol! Way to young to be losing
    your hair that way.

  5. I’m a stylist of 24 years and also have done facials / skin care for 12
    years. I work at distinctive flair salon in Roanoke Texas. I just started
    using argan oil about a month ago when our salon started caring the line!
    So pure!! I’m so impressed with the whole line especially the argan oil!
    the argan oil is organic certified . Every client I use the argan oil in
    their hair about 98% of them purchases a bottle! I suggest to you 

  6. Forget the “too good to be true” hype and the empty promises you have heard
    from other hair loss treatments.Learn how one medical researcher and former
    hair-loss sufferer is helping both men and women to:Discover what is REALLY
    causing your hair loss… and eliminate this problem –once and for all – at
    the source.

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