Cure for Baldness? Hair Tattoos (Cosmetic Transdermal Hair Replication) Available for Men and Women

Cosmetic Transdermal Hair Replication is offered by a handful of U.S. companies. For more on this story, click here: http://gma.yahoo.com/fashion-and-beauty/

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  1. I wanted to leave a negative comment because I was skeptical. This is
    actually pretty cool! Especially for those folks (like the lady) with the
    random bald spots. Great!

  2. As much as it works to imitate a buzz-cut on men with nicely shaped skulls
    it’s really not working for women who suffer hair loss. The woman pictured
    in the video is eventually going to lose almost all of her hair and will be
    left with a ‘hair tattoo’. She should go with hair implants instead,
    because that will really bring her hair back!

  3. Plus it’s something that certain tattoo fanatics have been doing for ages –
    there’s plenty of buff, bald men out there who chose to tattoo their skulls
    in a way that it imitates a full hairline. Gay porn actor Francois is a
    great example of this.

  4. Just because you feel comfortable with your hair doesnt mean everyone
    should be. Would you like to look bald? or would you like to actually like
    to be comfortable with how you look? TBH you seem a very fucking selfish
    person who needs to look grow up.

  5. that’s realy great….i love ink… i love tattoos…. but ther’s a
    question… when he get old…and the white hair grow… what happend then?!

  6. The Buzz Cut hair replacement system worked for me! Its instant,
    affordable, looks and feels 100% real! You can get it at buybuzzcutDOTcom

  7. it looks good apart from the front bit where the ink stops and the forehead
    starts. it’s too much of an abrupt change, too straight a line.

  8. this shit is for idiots… and the ink WILL eventually fade.. after a few
    years… and you have to go back and get it touched up again… so you’re
    basically paying to look like you shave your head when you already shave
    your head to begin with.. fucking insecure idiots.

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