Curing Thyroid Hair Loss In People With Hypothyroidism

http://www.NaturalEndocrineSolutions.com If you have hypothyroidism and are experiencing thyroid hair loss, then this video will show you how you can overcom…

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  1. Great information! It’s really too bad that the medical community hasn’t
    figured this all out yet.

  2. blood tests for thyroid are very inconclusive and inaccurate.. morning temp
    is much more accurate..

  3. what you should also recommend is using a shampoo/ conditioner without
    parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates, and other nasties.. Horsetail herb tea
    is the best way of getting silica into the body, which promotes hair and
    nail strength and growth.. good presentation by the way.. best to use
    natural remedies as pharma drugs only mask symptoms and make it worse in
    the long run.. !

  4. Black sesame seed, Gotu Kola and Artichoke leaf. The use of yarrow
    fomentations for 5-8 hours daily for added help. Additional Lung herbal
    medicine is needed.

  5. @coldbluerain thanks, well have these alleviated any other symptoms? I
    would work on energizing the adrenals too and reduce stress as much as you
    can.. i haven’t heard of the porcine remedy. Homeopathics are often very
    effective.. as is exercise if you can manage some.. and sea veg, sea weed,
    kelp instead of salt.. Wish you well on your road to recovery..

  6. Any person dealing with any thyroid or adrenal issue should seek care from
    a board certified endocrinologist.

  7. @0ViewTube0 I definitely agree that anyone with a thyroid or autoimmune
    thyroid condition should speak with a board certified endocrinologist.

  8. I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism for the past 13 years, and i have
    yet to ever bee seen by and Endocrinologist.

  9. After suffering with hypothyroidism for over 20 years and bouts of hair
    loss on and off, one day after changing my medication to a different
    natural medication, I read on the information paper the pharmacist gives
    with the medicine under the side effects section it said that when changing
    medication, beginning or ending a thyroid medication, or dramatically
    changing the dosage can cause a side effect of hair loss for up to 3
    months. Sure enough, after three months, it quit.

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    did take about 2 months to see results, but the regrowth is noticeable and
    I will continue to use ARGANRain products.

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