DermTV – Hair Loss Treatment for Men [DermTV.com Epi #154]

Male pattern baldness is a scourge of male adulthood. Thankfully there is a cure. Dr. Schultz discusses male pattern baldness, hair loss treatment and propec…

Hair regrowth expert


  1. @philest25 I actually aired an episode on just that topic a month or two
    ago. While I can’t insert a link into YouTube comments, if you search for,
    “What Skincare Products Are Safe During Pregnancy,” (DermTV Episode #60)
    you should be able to find it. You can also find it on the DermTV website.

  2. @MyHeavenlySunset I’ll be covering that topic in another episode. Stay
    tuned! However, regarding vitamins, you should watch the episode entitled,
    “Vitamins for Your Hair and Nails.” While YouTube doesn’t allow me to post
    links in comments, if you search for the title it should be the first

  3. hello Dr.Schultz : ) I would like to ask you something: I wash my hair and
    dry it everyday at night and my friend told me that by making that I’m not
    allowing my hair to dry and that makes it rotten inside and that cause hair
    loss, is that true?

  4. Dr. Schultz, I’ve been reading about how Ketoconazole can also regrow hair.
    Can you give any input on that? Thanks.

  5. @vancityguy: Ketoconazole shampoo is helpful for treating dandruff.
    Dandruff accelerates hair loss so treating your dandruff may slow your hair
    loss, but will not cause hair to grow.

  6. does combing a wet hair, makes hair brittle? is it bad for the health of
    the hair

  7. hi dr. Schutlz im only 15 and i’ve been losing hair from the sides and
    there gtting shorter and im the only one in my family who is losing hair at
    the age of 15. Im in tears and oftern cry abut it my confidience has gone
    and i cant comb my hair straight down without revailing any baldness. My
    life is totaly shattered at the momenet and i dnt even go out anymore. Well
    thats it i hope you can help me or maybeeven god . thanks

  8. Hello Dr.Schultz 🙂 I would like to ask you something. Do you think that
    pumpkin seed oil supplement can also stop hair loss and grow hair back???
    Because they are also used for prostate enlargement treatment.

  9. @freestylesoccerx Just get on the pills. We are all different. U may be
    different to your father. U may have it from ur mums side…

  10. Well, I do not trust this medication, better save money and do a surgery. 1
    percent is too much, do not be mistaken. And besides you can have a breast
    augmentation, I saw once on TV a guy who develpoed boobs by taking
    something like that. Anyway it was a nice Propecia advertising, the good
    doctor talking about a good medicine, I can even feel the consultory smell.

  11. many ppl claim that applying ONION directly to d scalp alongwith a bit of
    massage is the best natural remedy in REVERSING the hair loss. i’ve tried
    MINOXIDIL and FINPECIA…minoxidil promoted the FUNGAL INFECTION over my
    scalp…so, i am not trusting MINOXIDIL anymore as it has also caused the
    HAIR LOSS b/c of it.

  12. does applying ONION directly over d head for 2wice a week regrow the lost
    hair?? many experts claim about its benefits…is it a GIMMICK or TRUTH??

  13. propecia cause serious sideeffects! men get breasts and you can never get
    an erection

  14. Excuse me Dr. Schultz, I am 15 years old and i have observed my hair is
    falling out, to be honest i have thin hair, and it isnt full hair, its
    possible to see my scalp easily with light shining over my head, and my
    question is that how can i make my hair grow stronger and fuller? i want it
    thicker, and ive used like 5 different shampoos and none of them has worked
    for me, and also… Does excessive use of the pc cause hair loss?

  15. Catch-22. Won’t be able to get a date without hair, won’t be able to get an
    erection with Propecia.

  16. Propecia is a prescription, that’s why if one wants to use it, consulting a
    doctor is a smart move.

  17. I’m 26 and I’m on propica for 5 weeks in the 5th week I start knowing that
    I acutely can’t get hard at all I was very healthy but I have been stop
    taking propica for 4 days now I’m still the same i don’t feel like having
    sex and there’s no connection between my brain and pines I’m very scared
    about this please help anyone know how long it take to the side affect wear

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