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  1. I loved this! And I’m totally using this mixture next time I do a hot oil
    treatment. I’m trying to get my hair as long as yours! lol Loved the video
    and loved working with you:)

  2. Surely iam gng to tyr this remedy..And i do another method with coconut oil
    which is: heat the oil and put curry leaves after it get splutter nicely
    ill off it & drain the coconut oil into a bowl & i use it twice a week..And
    sure ill try this & do more videos lik this..Love it..

  3. 1. Will the henna dye or stain my scalp and hands? 2.I dont want to dye my
    hair, will it change my black hair to red hair ….thank you very much for
    the info :)

  4. I’ve been using equal parts of coconut oil and olive oil to lift the red
    henna out of my hair – I’m going to be going natural/grey. My question is
    can I use Henna Powder cassia which has relatively no color? Is this
    method more like a henna glaze where there is just a hint/tint of color?
    If you know a way to lift henna out of hair I would appreciate know it. 

  5. Seems like microwaving it would just zap out the nutrients in the oil

  6. To all the non indian girls out there hoping to get lush indian looking
    hair. Your ethnic background will almost completely determine how long your
    hair grows and how thick it is. Western Europeans have more hair on their
    heads then indian Asians, but the hair shaft is thinner. Indians and
    Asians have less hair but thicker hair shafts which makes it look like
    there is more of it. . People with Afro heritage have even less hair but
    the curl will make it seem thicker. Hair has a natural growth limit which
    is also determined by dna. Asians and Indian hair grows the longest before
    it naturally falls out, Caucasian and then Afro hair grows the shortest
    before falling out. Oiling hair will help with overall health and look and
    maybe growth speed, but unless you have some kind of mixed heritage,
    chances are if you are Caucasian or have African heritage you will never
    grow hair that looks like Indian women – its literally not in your dna. I
    do swear by oiling every night though and the good news for all you western
    Europeans out there is that your Caucasian hair is less prone to falling
    out or thinning ..

  7. How long it will last get your hair to grow longer. How many time in a
    month if still used it on the hair when it will tell how your hair follow.
    Does it work for everyone’s hair have try it ?

  8. That’s great.. I have heena tree in home. Can I use the leaves directly
    with oil. ? I have thyroid problem. So I lost my hair thickness. Can I get
    back my previous hair thickness with this oil? Plz let me know.

  9. Another good video love all your video. I color my hair and now my hair is
    breaking off now. thank you so much great video. need your help what are
    good shampoo for fine some gray and breaking hair

  10. your hair is beautiful this recipe is worth trying so much different from
    most i’ve seen tfs!!

  11. It made it silky and shiny but not greasy..I don’t know much about it but
    need help for hair regrowth(due to poor nutrition). The argan oil and its
    formulation helps my hair regrowth. Argan life Products 

  12. Hi great information I was wondering if I can do this to my hair I do dye
    my hair will it harm my hair??

  13. repaired customers who lost edges, Alopecia, repaired crown falling out
    customers head from relaxer, I’ve repaired hair from thinning from
    hereditary issues, I’ve repaired hair thinning, dandruff, cradle cap, skin
    rashes scars, eczema, tender headed people manage hair better no while
    combing, my oils a detangler, moisturizer, stops hair from shedding,
    breakage, balding, repairs brittle hair, makes coarser hair very soft etc ..
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    reanita mcmillen

  14. When I tried this product I only used it once an it seems to be good

    Only thing Is

    Is the product meant to have a layer of green ontop of the brown mix once
    it’s hardened and kept in storage?

  15. Hi thank you so much for sharing ur experience with us
    I’m age of 39 I used to beautyfull tick hair
    No in front of my head my hair s gone so thin I’m so stress
    Don’t knw Wat to do
    Is anyone knw Wat s the reson that I got condition like that plz I need

  16. Can i jst apply the mixture of hena and coconut oil in my hair? Bcuz its
    difficult 2 find the seed u mention in my country..n this is the 1st time i
    saw this seed hhahaha

  17. Hello
    I really liked your tip. I shall try it. I have a question, can I use
    fenugreek powder instead its seed. If yes, do i need to heat it when mixing
    in henna and oil?
    How long should we heat this home made oil on STOVE?

    Thanks and regards,

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