DIY Hair Loss MASK- Prevent hair loss/Fall out + GIVEAWAY- Makemeup89

Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and show my channel and my video some love. So for the past like 4 weeks my hair have been going crazy and I wanted to create a mas…

Hair regrowth expert


  1. I have had so much hair fall out recently its insane. So I came up with a
    remedy to help and this has lit. been the best for be so far. I have tried
    a few other things and nothing works better nor faster. Enjoy. Oh yea don’t
    forget to show the love and spread the video

  2. Hi my lovely, did you manage to get around the acne treatment video? I
    always have one or 2 pimples on my face and I seriously cannot get rid of
    it! Perhaps your remedies will work, love from Penang Malaysia x

  3. Whol month is favorite… but my favourite part of Ramadan is “Laila tu
    Qadr” of course! The one single night that’s can out weight thousands of
    months! You only catch a few of these in your life time so don’t let them
    go! Pray as much as you can♥♥

  4. I love your videos all of them in fact. All for a range of ages 🙂 x

  5. Ramadan Mubarak to you as well!! My favorite part about ramadan is how it
    cleanses our body both physically and mentally, also how we are reminded
    about our sole purpose in life and helping out the poor and needy by giving
    out a lot of zakat. My favorite part about Eid is going all out wearing the
    prettiest Eid clothes!! 😀 and of course spending time with friends and
    family 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this hair masque for preventing hair loss. I really
    needed this so I can’t wait to try it out :)

  6. i love watching your diy videos, thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Can I use shampoo afterwards or do I ve to just wash my hair wid plain
    Answer ASAP plz!

  8. im really gonna try ths asap. im a hindu so really dont know so much about
    eid. bt even though i like people shopping and they can spend some time
    with their family, friends. and also makeup.. and i like the way u talk.
    its funny and sweet. 

  9. Hy cuty pie nyc vdo..heard dat egg increases the whitening process of hair.
    Is dat true? Plz help me..i wl try each n evry remedy of urz. I luv ur
    bubblyness :)

  10. Can we use something other than yogurt? Or just stick with the others?

  11. My favorite part of Ramadan is family time! Everyone makes time to sit down
    and have dinner at the same time which we otherwise are not always able to
    do due to conflicting schedules! :/ 

  12. Hey a question I wanted to ask when I apply hair oil my hair starts to fall
    out is that normal or its a problem 

  13. Omg..sis I luv u :)) so helpful videos I got frm here…my fav channel!!

  14. Salaam from the uk! i absolutely love ur vids! So informative and i have a
    list of ur potions to try out just need to find the time lol,. I was
    wondering how often should this anti-fall out hair mask be used? Once a
    week or more or less?
    Keep up the awesome work!! Xx

  15. Hi, i also found the texture to be quite rough. It didn’t feel like how my
    hair is when i put oil on it…is it meant to be like that? Had to put
    conditioner on to get it to feel all most as usual! Hoping to hear from

  16. Woow you are muslim ? I didn’t know that you’re amazing girl keep going 3

  17. How often do you apply your hair crack? Once a week? Once a month? I hear
    that if you do protein hair treatments too often, it could make your hair

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