Do It Yourself: Homemade Hair Deep Conditioner Apple Cider Vinegar, Eggs, Mayonnaise, and Honey

Re-Upload* Original Upload Date: October 9, 2009 A Basic Do It Yourself: Homemade Deep Conditioning Treatment For Your Hair! This common rinse uses Apple Ci…

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  1. Does anyone know if you’re supposed to rinse the deep conditioner out in
    cold, hot, or warm water? I heard her say in other videos that cold water
    holds in the moisture so I’m wondering it that applies to the rinsing of
    this DIY conditioner. 

  2. this video is four years old but her texture is exactly like mine! this is
    great news for me! does anyone know the correct catergory her hair is?

  3. Rubbing dead animal embryo through your hair seems a little extreme just
    for some shine.. Get you some used Detroit oil and lather up with that
    little number and !!BAM!! Either no more hair or extreme conditioning;?
    Hope this helps??

  4. ughhhhh protein sensitive! gawd this made my hair hard and brittle. Anyone
    else experience the same and how did you save your strands?

  5. If I do this and I have extra protein mix left over, can I keep it in the
    fridge and do it again next week or do I have to make a new batch every
    time? Also I dyed my hair a few months back, will the vinegar ruin that?

  6. I would use this as a leave in conditioner, but I would take the mayo out.
    And I would add olive oil instead!

  7. Do you still do this? My hair is about the length of your hair in this
    video (17 months natural). My daughters’ hair is much longer than mine. I
    wondered if all three of us could use this.

  8. What local stores can you get caster oil and jojoba oil from ?

  9. My niece is biracial with (potentially) beautiful hair like you. She’s
    about to turn 2, but my sister doesn’t seem to be moisturizing her hair
    properly so my poor baby’s hair has been looking a liiiiiittle dry. I’m
    going to share your video with her for some tips. This is great! Your hair
    is GORGEOUS! Thank your for sharing your regimen.

  10. Can i substitute the eggs for bananas? Somebody. Anybody. Please HELP!!! 

  11. What do u do with the left over conditioner mix? Can I refrigerate it for a
    week and use the rest or just trash it?

  12. I watched this video and your video in 2012 & the results are amazing I’m
    watching this in 2014 

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