does dandruff cause hair loss

does dandruff cause hair loss Does Dandruff cause hair loss? This question is answered by Vera Peiffer the author of ebook “How to Regrow Your Hair Easily an…

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  1. You can re-grow hair naturally within 6 months, without pay tons of money
    for surgery & costly treatment

  2. It doesn’t, because I have dandruff and my hair keeps growing so fast!

  3. *I have tried several hair loss products. From my personal experience what
    really made drastic results for hair loss is called argan life… One
    bottle’s amount is 250 ml and it contain rich level Vitamin E and %100 pure
    argan oil.*

  4. *Ok so my co-worker who is supper picky just as am I recommended **SuperHairFood
    hair loss shampoo** to me when I said my hair seems to be shedding way too
    much. I didn’t think it would work but hey, it’s worth a try right ? Ok so,
    from the first time I used it I saw a HUGE difference in the amount I shed.
    My hair is only to my shoulders so I shouldn’t shed so much but I would
    wake up and my pillow would be covered in hair. It’s been a few weeks not
    and I can actually skip about 1-2 days and not wash my hair and there is
    no hair on my pillow and almost no hair when I wash my hair. So here is
    what I do…I wash my hair with my regular shampoo and then I use a little
    bit of this stuff. I am amazed and LOVE it!!! Thanks*

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