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  1. dr khurram is totally fake…………….. no doctor gives such
    prescriptions as his……….. with no scietific basis…………… just
    crammed up some hundred prescriptions of his own
    creation…………….totally fake

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  3. @sohaibmota yeah i totally agree with you bro.. he is a totally fake
    doctor.. in today’s digital world media world anyone can play any role.. no
    certification or license is required to appear on television/media.. plus
    he always have books with him.. he himself says he get knowledge from
    internet, and we know that internet is an open medium anyone can post
    anything over net which has no authentic source

  4. this doctor even don’t have any degree ….. i just read stuff from the
    book…. what a shame..

  5. He is not a doctor what he claims is that actually he is a hakeem now call
    yourseld a dr if you want but I don’t think hakeem or homeopath drs are
    actually MD docs,and shouldnt give tips like a dr. just tell me does he
    even look like a doc?even the way he talks he proves to be a fake dr,I bet
    dr.Amir liaquat’s degree more real to anything this person has,he doesn’t
    have a degree,PMDC shouyld actually sue him.(cause he is using fake
    Prefix,and for spreading bad ethical examples)

  6. Disgusting language can’t stand it…p.s u ain’t fooling no one your a mug
    idiat bhoi

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