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  1. I eat all that stuff anyway. But I do take Biotin supplements in addition.
    My problem was that I was combing my hair roughly when wet and too much
    heat. I never thought my hair would go back to the way it was when I was a
    teenager. But it did, just as long and super thick.

  2. @DrOz speaking on his book #YouBeingBeautiful a few months ago,
    specifically about his tips for strong, healthy hair & fighting hair

  3. I am a 14 year old gurl is it ok for me to take the biotin 5000 mcg without
    any form of breaking out plz anyone reply as soon as u possibly can??

  4. That’s a hard question to answer Shanelle, since everyone reacts
    differently to Biotin. Just drink plenty of water while taking it.

  5. @Shanelle boobii, try taking just 1000mcg of biotin, withouts and lots of
    water. Also you might also want to take a multivitamin as well

  6. need help to me real lost thin my hair want to health grow my hair i do
    not understand lost my hair hard try get not health thin hair i pray 

  7. *****. It is hard to find an organic shampoo that is easy on your hair and
    does not strip it. “Argan Life” is the best I have found. I have finer thin
    hair and I did not start using it to get volume. I only started using it
    because it was organic. I got 2 bottles. By the time I was done with the
    first, I noticed my hair was much fuller. Never buying another shampoo!

  8. I’m only24 and I swear I can see some hair loss. Not much, but enough to be
    noticeable to me now. I was looking at my teen pictures and I had a better
    hairline. If I take a lot of biotin and omega 3 will this help it go back
    to the way it was or at the very least close enough to how it was?

  9. Fukushima and all the nuclear power plants in America are leaking
    radiation. America is deficient in iodine. I take nascent iodine – by

  10. Propecia causes PERMANENT IMPOTENCE in most men !
    Merck’s clinical trials are completely fraudulent !
    ALso beware: Merck employees are posting fake testimonials about Propecia
    on youtube !
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    your life by going on FINASTERIDE !!!

  11. eat healthy, exercise, have your spouse massage your scalp till you fall
    asleep. there is no magic product for lazy people, strong hair for healthy
    people (genetics is exception) 

  12. There is absolutely no connection between physical health and hair loss.
    You can be the absolute epitome of good health and still be completely

    Baldness is due to hair follicle sensitivity to DHT and that is determined
    by genetics.

  13. I have nothing against Dr. Oz. As he stated, he is a Heart Surgeon, MD.
    However, he is NOT a Dermatologist. His specialty is not in skin care. He
    can tell you the very basics as a MD to healthy skin/hair but if you want
    to get more in-depth for health hair/skin, you need to see a specialist.

    My issue is, MD are often seen as being “experts” for nearly everything and
    they are not. That is why you have health care professions, MD’s and RN’s
    alike, they do extra schooling or a specific specialty. This is mainly a
    general comment about the health care practices. 

  14. _ – _ The cause of hair loss isn’t always easy to pin down, often it’s a
    combination of things that is causing it. the way you prevent it will
    depend on what the cause/causes may be , so understanding why it’s
    happening to you may be the best place to start. personally I use ” argan
    rain anti hair loss shampoo ” and the oil together it overcomes many hair
    problems. you may want to check it out at argan rain.. **

  15. I agree not with the smart comments but with the educated one! You have to
    know where to start at before you know the ending. Try listening! A good
    speaker is a GOOD LISTENER

  16. Is Zunhairex Secrets helpful to cure your hair loss and regrow it
    naturally? We have learn a lot of good things about Zunhairex Secrets (just
    google it).

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