Dreadlocks, Hair Thinning, Hair Loss and Balding

Few things scare dreadheads more than the thought of hair loss. In this video I cover some of the leading causes for hair loss among dreadheads, the symptoms…

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  1. Awesome information and very thorough! All what you said helped me in the
    future when I start my dreads. I really love your videos. They’re always
    fun and educational.

  2. Genetically, you take the hair (type, age of balding, if any) of your
    grandfather on your mothers side right? If thats true, then im good.

  3. I’m only 15 and my mom says I’m too young for dreads. I was just gonna get
    them behind her back, but is there an appropriate starting age you would

  4. QUESTION: My dreads are almost a month old, so they’re very messy with a
    lot of loose hair, but there’s a section of about 2.5 x 2.5 inches on the
    right side of the crown of my head that looks empty. I don’t know if this
    is because the dreads in that area were backcombed at funny angles and not
    straight in the middle of the sections or because that’s the part where
    (not sure how to describe this) like on a person with short hair you can
    see the spot where the hair grows out 360 degrees from that spot. If you
    can understand what the heck I’m trying to say, do you think this will
    resolve itself over time or should I try something like crochet hooking the
    dreads in that area to make them more centered?

  5. question: I am a frequent swimmer and I am considering dreads should i wear
    a swim cap to protect the dreads from chlorine

  6. Watched this when you had first uploaded it last night. Perfect timing
    considering I was just looking for a video like that. Too much crocheting
    makes the gaps between dreads look like mini bald spots. Crocheting is an
    evil addiction haha.

  7. How could I address the problem of sore sections on my scalp if they’re not
    caused by maintenance? My dreads are about a year old. Occasionally some
    sections seem to be tight and sore. I am a lazy dread kind of person i
    don’t do any sort of maintenance other than washing and drying. So I’m not
    sure if it’s maybe the way I sleep? 

  8. This is a random question but do you know how many dreads you have ?

  9. QUESTION: Does hard water(well water) cause buildup in dreads? And also can
    you delude regular shampoo or dishsoap to get a more residue free rinse?

  10. Great video. Question. I am 8 months into my dreads (tnr then neglect, no
    wax/crotchet) most of my head is knotted. My only problem is a few which
    have remained held in their same sections but are completely loose and show
    no signs of knotting like the rest. They have literally remained unchanged
    since I started. I don’t mess with my dreads really besides tying them up
    while at work. There anything you recommend? Like maybe re-tnr-ing them? 

  11. QUESTION!!!!!
    I had just put in 3 thinner dreadlocks in my hair about 3-4 weeks ago.
    and at the base of the dread (where they start)
    a bunch of other loose hair that is not dreaded become a huge knot at the
    beggining of each dread.
    I try and comb all the loose hair out.
    but it re-tangles everyday.
    please help!
    what would prevent this from happening?? 

  12. Will thinner dreads eventually get weaker at the roots as they get longer
    or with time? If so what can I do. I have 1×1 in sections but my hair is
    fairly thin and I’ve only had them for three months and a girl made me
    paranoid about losing my newborn baby’s 

  13. I had a question I keep seeing tightening sprays on different websites, do
    they work? If so any you’d recommend? 

  14. I have a very significant wave in my hair even when it’s wet if I got
    dreadlocks would they have a natural wave in them or be straight like yours
    😉 xx


  16. QUESTION: My dreads are about 6 months old, so still pretty young, but I
    feel like they aren’t locking up as fast as most do.. other than sea salt
    spray do you have suggestions? I heard wearing tams or beanies helps, what
    do you think? Mine are rather thick, I have about 40-45, and I crotchet
    them gently every few weeks just to get the super loose ones to tighten a
    bit more.. should I maybe just stop crocheting and wear more beanies? Thank

  17. Your videos are very helpful you explain things very well. I was thinking
    about dreads for a very long time and your information actually pushed me
    to do them myself! Mine are only a couple days old and I love them already
    so thank you! Yours are beautiful btw.

  18. I just wanted to add one small comment for the ladies, if that’s alright?:
    being cautious with your dreads during pregnancy, nursing, or while
    starting/stopping hormone birth control is important. These are all times
    when hormones are going crazy, and hair loss is common. Taking precautions
    like you mentioned would go a long way in making sure there are still
    healthy dreads long after the pregnancy, nursing, or medication is over

  19. Question: i have quite a bit of hair loss but my hair is thick my question
    is if i get dreads 1 will this cause them to get larger and heavier faster
    and 2 will it cause balding?? Would you recommend someone with significant
    hair loss get dreads or not?

  20. So if I’m interlocking will that risk my hair to thin out? Because i really
    really like my dreads to be as neat as possible and my job requires me to
    be well groomed. How can i deal with the hairs that are sticking out and
    coming out of the roots and out of my dreads?

  21. What about if you wrap your hair up everyday? Like in a turban, would you
    go bald or reseed? 

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