Extreme Hair Loss Postpartum! (Natural Hair)

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  1. My daughter’s about to be 5 months old on the first of June and I’m
    experiencing hair loss this time around. I didn’t have it after I had my
    son. Mine is not as extreme as yours but I’m so not looking forward to the
    baby hairs when it starts to grow back in!

  2. I had horrible postpartum shedding with my son, while I was transitioning
    to natural. Worst experience of my life!

  3. That just scared me sooo bad I have my son in July i’m praying mine does
    not shed my hair is thick,long and pretty right now I would be so depressed

  4. Omg!!! Same exact thing over here..my son made 3 months on the 22nd and my
    hair started the shading process about 2 weeks ago…my temples are worst
    than yours. I’m natural as well…

  5. Btw…i experience the exact same thing 7 years ago and my temples were
    never the same…the hair grew back but it was like 1/2 inch baby hair

  6. Your are Scaring me but its nice to know that it will come back thank god
    your hair is very very thick good luck!

  7. Same thing happened to me, then my hair started to come back at six months

  8. same thing happened to me after i got the horrid drug lupron (light form of
    chemo) to fight my endometriosis…worst experience of my life….

  9. Oh my! Just came across your vid (subscribing NOW) and I am experiencing
    the shedding now! It is crazy! My hair has been in two strand twists for
    4.5 wks and my 2nd child will be 4 mos next week. Didn’t have this shedding
    with the first one. I started taking my twists down last night and the
    clumps just starting coming out in my hand. I was freaking out!!!! Thanks
    so much for sharing. I just stopped and went to bed. Jesus!!!! Help me!!! I
    was a mess. But now I think I can continue without havin

  10. I’m detangling my hair now. And have a huge pile of hair. I’m trying to
    remain upbeat but dag, it’s a lotta hair and I not have naturally thick
    hair! My hair did thicken during pregnancy but ven that just gave me
    lushness. Not quite thickness. Thank you to those who posted that their
    hair grew back. I need that reassurance right now!

  11. i hope this is your problem b/c u got a serious one…thats too much hair
    loss. Does this happen to permed hair too…my neice just had a baby and
    she’s ok

  12. OMG, im experiencing the exact same thing right now. My edges are near non
    existent, but just like you Ive been using the Castor oil ;heard it works
    wonders. Fingers crossed ­čÖé

  13. I am 1 year postpartum and my hair is till REALLY, REALLY thin. My temples
    look like I have a receding hairline. Makes me sad still. I’ve been using
    castor oil like it’s going out of style and still…nuthin:(´╗┐

  14. Love your channel! New subscriber!! I’m currently experiencing the shedding
    with my 2nd child and he just turned 4 months. Praying for it to stop
    sooner than later. Glad I’m not alone but I did not have this problem with
    my first. Please post an update when your shedding stops. Blessings and
    Happy Holidays´╗┐

  15. Hello I love your video I experienced the same thing. my baby is now 11
    months and I am still going through shedding. I just started a natural hair
    face book and wanted to know do you mind if I share your video on it?´╗┐

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