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NBC TODAY SHOW investigates the new genetic test for hair loss. Men and women can now assess their risk for hair loss at an early stage. More info on treatem…

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  1. Dr,,, please.. minoxidil at 7% have no more effect than at 5%. Even 15%n of
    minoxidil have not much more that at 5% of minoxidil.

  2. Dr,,please, the Erchonia laser it’s highe expansive, much more than
    Hairmax, and have only 5mW of total power. This is ridiculous… since 5mW
    it’s almost nothing. A good device should have 300mW to get a porper
    exposure in few minuts.

  3. If you are measuring the wattage, that’s only half the story. You need to
    think about the pulse (Hz). Erchonia has the pulsed lasers: pain, hair,
    adipose tissue, etc. Studies are showing that it is the pulse that makes it
    effective. High-powered lasers are more likely to do damage. You need to
    recheck the Arndt-Shultz Law–too much stimulation, and you’re going to get
    the opposite effect of what you want–not good!

  4. Higher concentrations of minoxidil are more prone to get more side effects
    likedizziness, fatigue, and dangerously low blood pressure as your body
    absorbs more of it into the blood stream.

  5. And you recomend laser models very different for treatment of hair Loss.
    Erchonia have 5mW, Hairmax have 40mW, and some laser Helmets you use have
    more than 350mW. That’s a big difference… And turn your comments to

  6. Hair loss from styling (pulling), called traction alopecia, can be
    permanent. However, minoxidil/rogaine can help stimulate those follicles to
    ‘wake up’ and produce stronger hair. Unfortunately, if you continue to do
    damage to your thin hair by braiding, pulling, hair extensions, etc. you
    might need hair transplantation in the future to restore hair to the
    damaged areas.

  7. Hot water does not cause hair loss. Hair loss is a medically-treatable
    condition, so you need an evaluation by a physician who specializes in hair

  8. I gained my hair back by wearing Alex Chiu’s Immortality Rings. My hairline
    went back to when I was 25. The rings really did help me gain lots of hair

  9. im 15 and i lost my hair when i was like 4… it was my dad’s genes.
    althought, im getting some hair above my mouth etc.

  10. Jerry, Side effects can occur even at 2%, but honestly, it’s VERY rare. I
    think people are more likely to run into ‘issues’ if they try to
    self-treat. When you are under the care of a physician, he can monitor for
    the effects–good and bad, and make changes accordingly. What works for one
    person, may not work for another—that’s the art of medicine!

  11. i’m losing my hair aboyt 6 years ago…and now i’m do’n a treatment for 6
    months use’n diff. products every 2 weeks (that what my doctor said that i
    have to do)…and the last 2 months he use’d the mesotherapy…but i can’t
    see any change on my scalp…do you think that i should go on with this
    treatment or should i try sumthn more useful..and if there is any other
    product may help, would u tell me what is it and how should i use
    it?!…thanks.. from egypt

  12. So you take this test and it says “You are going bald”. Congratulations!!!
    Now you can spend endless nights staying up worrying about baldness even
    though baldness might be 20 years away.

  13. @Novemberrain81 No need to loose sleep! For our patients, taking the test
    actually alleviates the ‘worry’ because there are FDA-approved, effective
    preventative treatments for hair loss that can be started before the hair
    loss is noticeable. If you are ‘high risk,” you can also choose to “watch
    and wait” because there are ways to carefully monitor for the very early
    signs of hair loss–holding off on treatment until it becomes a concern.
    –Dr. B.

  14. Is it still possible to go bald if you have a receding hair line even if
    you have had it since you were born?

  15. Doctor Alan Bauman. How many more years do you think it will take before we
    find a cure for male pattern baldness? Are we close?

  16. 17 yeard old and more than 50% of the hair on the top of my head is gone:)

  17. I got thin hair my mom n my grandma has thin hair I hear a faster way to
    grow hair is when u diet eat alot of protien and. Take vitamis . I remember
    when I used to work out I grew my hair 3 inches in two months now I feel
    stressed out n haven’t been working out n now I’m starting to get thin hair
    n that’s cuz I’m 19

  18. I started going bald about a year or more ago and I’m almost 23. it’s
    noticiable when my hair is down, but when the front is up I just have a
    regular big forhead. Still I see surgery in my near future especially being
    younger than 25. fack that this is 2012

  19. @eminence18 The key to successful hair loss treatment is EARLY treatment.
    Preventative medical therapy will reduce your chances of needing extensive
    hair transplantation. –Dr. Alan Bauman

  20. @3rd8th1965 There may be no miracle cure for hair loss, but I’m more
    optimistic than you perhaps… just look at the recent strides medicine has
    made in terms of hair loss treatments and diagnostics! Genetic testing,
    medical therapy w/ >90% long-term success, no linear scar hair transplants
    with NeoGraft/FUE, powerful/portable hands-free laser therapy (LaserCap)
    etc. –Dr. Alan Bauman

  21. Well, I believe they already have a cure, but they wont share it. That is
    why I wrote there’ll never be a cure. Just think of how much money they
    would lose on this, if everyone could be cured in a quick efficient manner.
    Thats not how business works. What they are investigating right now is not
    how to make hair regrow, but how to make it fall out again so that you have
    to take their pill on and on …

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