Get Thicker Hair

how to get thicker hair – treatment for thinning hair – how to grow long hair – how to get thicker hair in 2 months Ingredients: 2 tablespoons caster oil 1 e…

Hair regrowth expert


  1. We have to keep it for 2-4 hours!? But our hair gets dry in one hour only?!

  2. Does this work? Im trying to assist a friend in re growing her hair after
    an accident

  3. Omg you are soo helpful!!! Thanks !!! Dont stop making videos!!! This
    helped me soooo much because i had very THICK hair thank you very

  4. In your opinion how often should I wash my hair while I am doing this

  5. So it is not wrong to use coconut oil instead of caster oil? Result will be
    same, right?

  6. Today I went to Sally beauty supply to buy the castor oil but the only one
    they have is the jamaican mango and lime black castor oil. Do you think
    this is also good castor oil I can use? by the way thanks for sharing your

  7. Thanks for this.. New subbie here! I want my thick hair back. Darn
    Menopause thinned my hair out too much. I’ll let you know my results in 2

  8. TheSimpleCare will it work for natural thin haired like me??? OMG,i really
    want to try this.. maybe this will help me thicken my hair.. i’ll get you
    back after two months. Hoping this is effective #crossedfingers

  9. can i do this once a week?.can u suggest a vidio to get long hair.thanku
    for the vidio.plz reply my quistion

  10. can u suggest any oil for removing premature grey hair??

  11. TheSimpleCare , can I use black seed honey (honey of black cumin) instead?
    Please reply

  12. I am curious can you store the mixture for future use of another time 

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