Hair regrowth expert


  1. @lolpanther123 ive always thought that “shake-hip dance” is somekind of
    “mating dance” xD

  2. Omg me and Gin had the same promblem as me before…I have long-ish curly
    hair and soo much hair and evey time I take a shower I lose alittle more
    hair then usually and I people before would tell me to thin it out like
    Hell I would,.

  3. *Saa-chan squeal* Kyaa~!!! Gin-san’s naked body~!!!! STUPID ROOFTOP MOVE
    OUT OF THE WAY!!!!

  4. I want that alarm clock T.T I love how he calls the clock a baldie right
    before THAT happens XD

  5. You never know how precious something until you lost them… Pretty much
    the moral of this hair story XD

  6. I like how this scene is about hair loss and how it’s attracting the fake
    robots advertising thier products in the comment section..

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