Going Bald At 16 | RolyUnGashaa

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  1. Im 17 and Im not losing hair yet. At all. Because Im a pre-transition
    transguy but I sometimes wonder how I’d react to it if I lost my hair cause
    it might happen when I get on testosterone. I like to think I wouldnt care
    but we’ll see B)

  2. such an amazing video about loving you for who YOU are! this just makes you
    even more perfect in my eyes <3 

  3. Amazing video, Roland. I’m sure this will help a ton of people. I honestly
    think I would hate it if you soundly would have a full head of hair. Your
    bald head and your fierce face makes you so recognizable. I love how you
    own every piece of it.

    Also; can you make a video about your eyes next? It seems like your eyes
    have changed color and shape over the years quite a lot and I’m wondering
    how you’re dealing with that. 😉 <3 

  4. YES. Thank you for making this video. You look so fab with no hair. I never
    knew this was something you went through, but I always felt the look. It’s
    so important for people to know that things happen to our bodies, and we
    need to embrace the changes and roll with the punches. Amazing video. <3 <3

  5. First off you are gorgeous! Second off I have started seeing some of my
    hair falling out! In a few year you may see me join the bald crew hahaha.

  6. You are very attractive and the bald look actually looks natural for you. 

  7. This was really sweet 🙂 Hair or no hair, confidence is what’s beautiful 😀

  8. I’m 21 and balding…when I first realized that it was advanced for my age
    I freaked out. I used to care so damn much about my appearance. But now
    I’ve just accepted it because there’s nothing else I can do. It’s not worth
    letting it make me depressed, and if girls don’t like me because of
    that…well, there’s more to a person than hair, right? It’s good to find
    other people around the same age who have this problem though. It makes me
    realize that other people have gotten through it, so so must I. Thanks for
    sharing your story, and thanks for being fabulous. :P

  9. You are one unique looking dude! btw nice bald look going on. I go bald too

  10. There are natural treatments one can try to halt/slow down hair loss such
    as pumpkin seed oil. It contains substances that fight DHT, an enzyme that
    attaches to the hair follicles causing them to miniaturise. Pumpkin seed
    oil contains at least two subtances that block DHT

    There are other natural DHT blockers, but pumpkin seed oil is the best
    known of all.

  11. You rock the bald look! I am older, I’m like 33, but I am 5’3 tall and I
    shave my head now too. You look so good though!

  12. Thanks for all your amazing comments!! And i am so glad i have helped some
    of you be cool with being Bald ^_^ #ForeverFlawless 

  13. My son started losing his hair at 12 and is bald now at 16 – its good to be
    positive about it.

  14. You look fucking awesome bald, man. You got the perfect scull and facial
    features for it. And the confidence to go with it. There’s something
    admirable about saying “fuck you, baldness! You had one job and can’t even
    do it right; you’re all asymmetrical and you’re taking too long. I can do
    it better myself”. *shave*

  15. Dude! This video is helping me so much. At 26 I started loosing my hair! I
    was devastated. I’m a young, energetic, and fashionable guy like you. It
    destroyed my confidence.

    I’ve been just cutting it short for the past year, but this weekend I’m
    taking the plunge and shaving it clean.

    Thanks for making this video.

  16. I list the top of my hair bc I had a compulsive disorder called
    trichotillomania where you pull your hair out caused by stress. I’m almost
    13 and it happened to me for 2 years. Now i barely do it

  17. you look interesting ,u speak very fast ..sometimes ..I do not understand
    but i like to watch your videos. :)

  18. Your attitude about it is amazing! This might sound weird but I have to say
    you’re lucky you have a good proportioned face and a head, because not many
    people suit that shaved look as good as you

  19. You look very sexy bald!!! I’m surprised that you don’t wear wigs the
    way you accessorise your eye colour and piercings, that would be fun
    because you see other you tubers doing wig reviews now

  20. My Dad went balled at 12, so did all of my grandfathers. Now i’m scared and
    i’m a girl! (but i’m not twelve don’t worry XD)

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