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  1. sorry to hear about your grandmother I’ve seen her on some of your videos
    and I know you are a grandma’s girl, I have to say you are my favorite of
    all the youtubers, I struggle with my hair I’ve always had short hair, I’ve
    been natural for 11 months and I did flat iron it, and it has grown some
    but I’m eager to cut it to a style because I look like an old lady what can
    I do to get over this hump?

  2. Sorry about your Grandmother, I Will be praying for you and your
    Grandmother, GOD BLESS YOU….Thank you for this video, Girllll my hair has
    thinned out so bad, I have started taken iron vitamins and Gerital liquid,
    and Vitamin B12 injections about a month now, I have taken Lab work, and
    Guess What, I am anemic, Can you please tell me how long has it taken to
    see any recovery in your hair..Thank you

  3. Thank you for the update on your recovery. I pray that God will strengthen
    you and your family during this difficult time with your grandmother.

  4. God bless you grandmothers are the heart of a family. I pray your
    grandmother gets better xxx Seasea from Dubai

  5. Wish you, your family, and your grandma all the best sista…and you are
    lookin absolutely fab!! Your hair really bounced back

  6. My thoughts and well wishes to you and your family, I’m going through the
    same thing with my mother and older sister. As far as the cast iron
    skillet; try cooking items with natural sugar in them like apples, carrots
    or sweet potatoes. I remember from physiology (back in the day) my
    professor suggested that the sweet foods bind more readily with the iron in
    the skillet. I’m thinking yams with carrots and a little black strap
    molasses, sauteed…yum! lol, take care.

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