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  1. I’m so sorry about your grandmother!!! Will keep you, and your family in my

  2. Hi, Sending my Love and Prayers to your Grandma and family!!! Keep your
    head up!!! GOD is ABLE!!!! Also, I have no self control to my Flinestones
    gummies too, they tasted like candy – I always took them and about 4 a

  3. i know its hard , my grandmother was dealing with the same things , and i
    am young and i had to help her out , but things WILL GET BETTER !

  4. Your grandmother is very lucky to have such a caring family. She seems like
    such a sweet lady. Jehovah, I pray Sista with Real Hair and her family
    continue to have strength during this trying time to take care of their
    loved one. May you please bless them with all they need to continue and may
    her grandmother once again gain strength and wellness. I ask you this
    through Jesus name, amen.

  5. Prayers for Strength and Health to your Grandmother, you, and all of your
    family/loved-ones. I had a very special relationship with my Grandmother so
    I know how :)

  6. Thinking of you and your grandma! Glad your shedding has subsided, your
    hair is GORGEOUS as always!!

  7. Sorry to hear about your grandmom.. I know how that is, praying for you
    both, may God give you both strength and send blessings your way!

  8. Have you ever heard of blackstrap molasses for iron? It has a lot of
    benefits. Prayers for you and your grandmother. 

  9. I hope the best for your family. I know how it feels to go through that, my
    grandmother had cancer and transitioned from independence to dependence as
    well. I always look forward to your videos. Your one of the best hair
    gurus, love you and take care

  10. God bless you. You are such a wonderful, loving person. May God help you
    and your family through this, may he give you strength to overcome this
    situation. May your Grandmother get well soon. In Jesus’s name. Amen. 

  11. I am sorry about your grandma my great grandma’ memory is going and is on
    her way to losing her independence as well! The best thing you do is let
    her know you are there for her! Stay strong beautiful as always! 

  12. Try to add some frozen blueberries that way you get your antioxidants and
    it will make your not only healthy but taste yummy

  13. so sorry to hear about your grandmother love I’m praying for you and your
    family and your grandmother I’m praying your strength in the name of Jesus.

  14. You should try also taking a regular multi-vitamin. They are great for the
    body (of course you must eat healthy & drink tons & tons of water). You’ll
    supplement your body with all the vitamins you’ll need daily 

  15. Also have you tried wheat grass ? Doesn’t taste yummy, but has amazinggggg
    benefits with just a shot of it a day 

  16. Sorry about your grandma. You look so pretty here. I had issues with anemia
    in the past and since eating a more plant based diet, I’m able to get a lot
    of iron from greens. Kale and spinach help as well as some essential fatty
    acids, black seed oil is one that I consume and has iron. Black strap
    molasses has iron and several herbs contain iron. These are all natural and
    better absorbed by the body. I’ve also learned that man made vitamins
    (synthetic) may not be absorbed by the body. When getting vitamins, you may
    want to be sure that they are from a plant source. For example Vitamin C,
    there is no vitamin C plant, and the vitamin will say ascorbic acid as
    vitamin c, which is man made. You will want to look for a plant source like
    moringa which contains vitamin c, or spirulina that has a wide range of
    vitamins. So an organic vitamin C will always list a plant source for where
    the vitamin c is coming from. Hope I was able to help. If you’re on IG, ive
    been posting green smoothies that taste really good and are nutritious.
    ..kharyzma4u on IG, maybe I’ll do a few vids on smoothies. Take care:)

  17. I pray your Grandmother makes a full recovery. Thank you for this video.
    This series was so informative..good job! 

  18. I’m sorry about your granny. Praying for strength for you and your family.
    God bless you all.

  19. Girl I thank you because you told my story from beginning to end I am on my
    journey to restore my hair # healthy hair

  20. Sorry about your handmade I was blessed to take care of my mom until she
    passed she was an extremely strong and independent lady so I do understand
    bless you and your family

  21. Praying for you and your grandmother. I went through the same thing with
    mine and it was hard. We can tell how much you love her and I am sure she
    is glad to have you caring for her. Thank you for taking the time to share
    information with us.

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