Hair Care – Premature Greying of Hair – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Premature greying is when hair loses its natural pigmentation at an early age. Watch how you can stop premature graying of hair using natural ingredients available in your kitchen! Check…

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  1. The best thing for grey hair is”…………………A Hat “

  2. Mam,i have used the second remedy but there is no good results…i hav more
    and more grey hairs growing,i hav used the parachute coconut oil,is this
    good or recommend me any other coconut oil or aby other oli,pls make more
    remedies for grey hair,i m only 20yrs,its very embrassing..

  3. Which coconut oil should i use,is parachute oil is gud or anyother brand…

  4. i have a quick question what kind of coconut oil with lemon juice do i use?
    the white cooking kind or the clear one? will it affect my hair or possibly
    thin it out? also is it the same coconut oil that you get at the hair
    care/products section at wal mart or the one you use to cook? please get
    back to me. :-)

  5. Does any of these remedies really work???please reply….I have to remove
    my premature gray hair urgently pleasseee reply…..

  6. So please just suggest me any home remedy to remove my existing premature
    gray hairs and how to get rid of them completely… does applying raw onion
    paste removes and prevent premature greying of hair??

  7. Hi…
    I have a question…
    Do I have to do this everyday?? I’m trying the almond oil and lemon juice

  8. Hello, thanks for posting videos. I have one question- my hairs are getting
    grey, rough and weak from continuously 3-4 years and i lost much of hair.
    what should i do? am applying egg with lemon juice. Should i continue this
    remedy ? or May you recommend any other remedy which works fast.

  9. Hello Maam, I used coconut oil with large amount of Currey leaves and after
    heating it becomes black oil, So after applying on my scalp it starts
    itching and its happening very often. Is it normal ?

  10. i am 20 and starting to see gray hairs in my beautiful hair!!! i want to
    cry lol how many times per week do i need to apply this home remedies so i
    can see a improvement in my hair. and by the way if i take iron, copper,
    vitamin B, and idone will help me my hair to get back to its normal color?

  11. Hey mam ,
    i m using ur cocunut oil nd camphor treatment for dandruff it is working
    but like if i miss to apply it even one time in a week my dandruff comes
    back nd also i have started premature greying at 25 can i also try any of
    these remedy alongwith my camphor nd coconut oil nd will it actually
    reverse my greyed hair into black again

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  13. will these remedies prevent growing of grey hair or will change grey hair
    into white hair?

  14. I’ve grey hair in my beard & my age is 40 will these remedies work on beard

  15. Great for my white hair simply google exactly this derma grey hair
    restoration good luck

  16. Here is an Excellent product – dermagreyhair restoration – . Hair looks
    great without the yellowish color.good luck

  17. Hey can you suggest natural ways to lighten hair or add highlights please

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