Hair growth treatment and shampoo OTC

I have female pattern hair loss. I heard about an over the counter treatment that supports follicles and hair growth and when I saw they carry it at ULTA I w…

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  1. check your thyroid levels and do a test for your white cells and red blood

  2. I went to the doctor, finally. She is doing a bunch of blood work. I will
    be going back for a follow up visit May 27th. I will make a video of how
    that went. 🙂

  3. Well this work on male? The top of my hair is growing slower than other
    part of my hair, and also getting thinner.. I just shaved my head and i
    have no bald spots.. just growing slower than other parts

  4. I got blood work results back and I do not have any liver, kidney illness.
    I dont have anemia or diabetes. I am negative for T4 and T4free thyroid
    tests. So now today I had more blood drawn to check for hormone imbalance.

  5. I’m totally subscribing to you. I’m only 22 and I have the same problem I.
    The same area and I’m your race! This video is very encouraging to me! .

  6. I had most of those test done too excep for T4. My dermotologist told me it
    was alopecia areata or alopecia totalis. Who knows! The truth is, I am
    losing my hair. Anyways, he told me to use minoxidil for men, but I believe
    that made me lose my hair even more.

  7. This still surprise me, just how a lot of people are not aware about
    Zunhairex Secrets (search on google), even though a lot of people
    completely cure their hair loss and regrow it naturally with this remedy.
    Thanks to my friend who told me about Zunhairex Secrets, I finally
    eliminated my embarrassment for good with healthy approaches.

  8. I’ve decided to invest my money into a wig and a topper! Nothing really
    helped me! Sorry.

  9. . I am satisfied most from “EDWIN DIAZ suggested. the person with more

  10. This treatment product built up and was a pain in the you know what cuz it
    got sticky. I couldn’t finish the bottle. The shampoo was fine, but I
    didn’t see a difference.

  11. Well for healthy hair and hair grow I would suggest it try using arganrain
    I use it all the timeand it does aid in growing your hair faster. I’d say
    massage it into your scalp so it can get to your roots well this increases
    the blood flow helping it grow faster. When shampooing and conditioning you
    should use cold or luke warm water on your hair so it won’t damage it. Even
    hot water hurts your hair.You should drink plenty of water to help
    condition your hair.

  12. Try juicing! I also have androgenic alopecia and have noticed balding since
    I was 15. I wasn’t tested till I was 18 and I have a yearly appt with my
    dermatologist. the year that I noticed the most amazing results was the
    year I randomly decided to juice (originally for fitness purposes). At
    first I didnt really think it was the juicing. But when I stopped, the
    results stopped. I went back to doing minoxidil and melatonin as
    prescribed. My hair went back to normal 🙁 (message me for more info!)

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