Hair Growth With Tressbuzz – Egg Protein Treatment

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  1. I think I have finally found my hair twin…i absolutely love your tips. I
    have a question regarding your chi keratin mist do you think I could
    substitute it with aphogees keratin spray? i really cannot afford the chi
    at this time..thanks in advance.

  2. How much does your treatment make? My hair isn’t as long as yours & is this
    the only form of protein you use? Outside of the Chi mist… THANK YOU!!

  3. @LucKeyGirlJackson Hi and thanks for watching! It makes about 1 1/2 cups.
    You really need to saturate the hair for this treatment. You could cut the
    conditioner in half but use the same amount of oil and egg if you need less
    quantity. Yes this is the only protein I use. Otherwise I just spritz
    occassionally with the Chi.

  4. @QadarahYahawadah Hey! Definitely wait. Animal proteins can easily put you
    into overload so it’s best to keep it at once a month. Keep at it

  5. Nice video beautiful lady! I don’t know why your videos don’t show up in my
    subscriptions : (

  6. TressBuzz, your hair is so beautiful. I too do protein treatments. Once
    every 4-6 weeks. Yes, you are right, you must use a moisturizing
    conditioner with that protein. I use “Triple Moisture, by Neutrogene.” My
    hair is loving it!!! I also use “Just for Me, Texture Softener. I stop
    using the stronger relaxers. My hair is growing so good. I’ve been this for
    about 6 months. Your hair is so beautiful! keep up the good work.

  7. @beautifulhair007 Thanks so much! Will do. *heading over to stalk your

  8. Thanks for watching. Just keep up the tender loving care and you will see

  9. hi tressbuzz,first of all thank you for posting this video. which is the
    best moisturizing conditionner you would advise to use it. .

  10. Hey girlfriend! This is helpful if your hair needs strength. You must
    balance this with moisturizing deep treatments to make sure that the hair
    does not become hard or tough. You can do this!

  11. Thanks for watching! I cowash pretty much every day because I work out
    alot. My hair loves it too. Stays super moist and manageable that way. You
    can view my full regimen on TRESSBUZZ . COM. Just click on “Tressbuzz

  12. Haha you are GREAT! I’m so happy to have any small effect. Thanks for

  13. hey thank u so much. i begin to take care of my hair so i nice to know were
    to start. can u tell me what is a Deep condionner? merci:)

  14. You’ll be able to regrow your hair or cure your baldness completely by stop
    the creation of DHT (the hormone which cause hair loss)

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