Hair Loss, Balding, and Thinning Hair — Know What’s Normal & What’s Not (PART 2 of 2)

This video explains interesting facts about how hair grows and its life cycle. You will also learn how to know if your hair loss is normal or if you should s…

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  1. Hi, you are right on target. Your hair loss can most definitely be caused
    by stress, as well as an allergic reaction to SLS. SLS is a strong
    detergent used to produce lather. A certain percentage is allowed to be
    used in shampoos, soaps and toothpaste, however, many people cannot
    tolerate and can be allergic it. My suggestion is that you purchase a
    shampoo that does not contain it and see how your hair reacts. You will
    have to give it a bit of time to see the results.

  2. Sometimes people lose hair excessively due to thyroid disorder. This is
    true of scalp hair as well as eyebrow hairs. I am not a doctor, as you
    know, but I do think what you are experiencing is definitely something to
    see the doctor about. Hopefully the doctor will tell you all is well and
    you are just experiencing a temporary situation. Take care :o)

  3. @akamissrubytuesday “trim your ends every 6 weeks to keep your hair
    healthy.” Trimming your hair is an urban legend perpetuated by hair care
    industry to keep clients coming back regularly. hair doesn’t have to be
    trimmed every 6 weeks to grow. I deliberately told my stylist to ‘stop
    trimming’ my hair and voila it grows and is healthy and is just fine. Hair
    trimming gives the ‘appearance of neatness, just like trimming a hedge, but
    it’s not necessary. In fact if you want length don’t trim.

  4. Hi, you want to create some volume to cover up the thinning. You can do
    this first by getting a cut that layers your hair in the crown area as with
    layered bangs or you can have long bangs. Also, blow dry your hair upside
    down to enhance volume. You may also want to consider getting highlights.
    Highlights create volume because they cause the hair shaft to swell. Speak
    to your stylist and tell him/her what you are trying to achieve. They can
    be very effectively placed for enhanced volume.

  5. Hi, I am wondering whether clip-in hair extensions could also cause hair
    fallout. I have been trying to grow out my hair but I occasionally wear
    extensions. Also, would you recommend getting a keratin treatment for
    healthier hair?Thanks so much , I love your videos 🙂

  6. hi, first of all my english is not very good but ill try because i really
    need help :S my hair tips gets damage very fast , they become very dry and
    they break easily. i thought that it was because i used to use bons , (i
    think thats how they are called) so i decided to cut my hair and remove all
    the damage and stop making myself bons and leave my hair in a normal ponny
    tail BUT it still happening 🙁 help plz

  7. Hi there, I have been losing hair since April and I find it mainly in the
    bathroom but even though it’s only about 50 or so hairs a day it is a lot
    mire than usual and my hair feels very thin and sift. I am 53 and have been
    kn the pill for 1 yr now since HRT doesn’t agree. Can it still be menopause
    even though I’m on the pill? I might go for a thyroid test, if it is
    thyroid will it grow back with proper meds? Thsnkyou in advance Nancy

  8. I was losing hair recently and it was because my doctor was I wasn’t eating
    right and I needed vitamins so I started taking “Mega Food 100% whole food”
    and they have so many vitamins and such and it really helped 🙂

  9. Hi, you should have your blood retested to see if you still need to be
    taking iron tablets. You may have built your iron stores back up and no
    longer need them.

  10. hi, im 19 years old .. i have long blonde hair. It isn’t natural but ive
    had blonde hair my whole life aswell. i have not noticed a difference in
    losing hair until recently. I’ve noticed after i take a shower and wash my
    hair that it falls out the most then. i dont use extremely hot water or do
    anything different from what i normally do I do not use heat on my hair
    other than a blow dryer. My diet is also the same as it has always been i
    can’t figure out why this is happening any suggestions?

  11. Hi, the only way to know whether you are losing more hair than normal is to
    count them. You should count the hair in your drain after you shampoo (be
    sure you use a hair snare to collect the hair so it doesn’t go down the
    drain). You should also count the hairs in your hairbrush. Start the day
    with a clean hairbrush and count them at night before bed. When you have
    long hair, it can appear as though you are losing a lot of hair because
    they are so long , but actually you are not. Good luck.

  12. Hi, it is normal for your scalp to show a bit at your part. Sometimes when
    you wear your hair parted in a certain way for a long period of time , it
    can become a bit more prominent. It can widen if you wear hairstyles that
    pull on your part like tight ponytails or braids, you could cause hair to
    fall at that area. It’s a good idea to vary your part and also to avoid
    wearing hairstyles that pull on your hair. Things like cornrows as I
    mention in the video.

  13. @SLFbeauuty Hi, that can be caused by the hormonal shift of stopping the
    pill and should subside. Your body will regulate itself in a few months.

  14. @Samiisabelle91 Hi, as you know there may be many reasons for your hair to
    thin out or fall out as I share with you in my video. It’s best if you
    examine your life and try to pinpoint any type of situations or behaviors
    in the last several months as possible causes. I talk about these in my
    video. You don’t mention whether you are male or female, but if you are
    male, you’ll want to also consider hereditary factors as well as lifestyle.
    You have done the right thing by seeing your doctor.

  15. Hi. I’m 21 years old, and my hair has been falling out lately, and based on
    the things you mention, its likely due to this week-long fever I had about
    two months back. Lets say that this IS the cause. Apart from that, I can’t
    tell what else could be wrong. How long would my hair keep falling out? Its
    been going on for a bit more than a week now. How long should I expect to
    keep seeing my hair thin before i start getting new hair?

  16. Hi. I’m 19 years old male. My hair started falling about 4 years ago but
    the number was very less and I ignored it. Since then my hair have been
    falling continuously till date and the amount of hair fall has increased
    exponentially. At this date I shed around 400-500 hair a day. I didn’t pay
    much attention to it until lately. What would your suggestion be to me? I
    have recently taken appointment with a dermatologist and my meeting is due
    in 2 days.

  17. hi, please help me i’m almost 15 years old and i’ve always had kinda thick
    hair probably a medium thick hair and a month ago in about a week i noticed
    that my hair is thiner than it was Before the summer started iv’e got some
    highlights to my hair but i don’t think that causes this issue so please
    help me!!

  18. i have that with my eyelashes and brows.. but i use makeup to cover my
    compulsive order.

  19. Hi I have a question? I oil my hair 1 times a week with olive oil or
    coconut oil.I know it’s very good for your hair and scalp. But I can’t put
    it on my scalp because my hair falls off with these oils :'( How can that
    be? olive oil makes my hair soo soft I love it so much.<3 I can only put it
    on my ends. Please answer my question 🙂 Thank you so much… Oh btw sorry
    for my bad english.

  20. hi. i noticed my hair thinning at 19years around the same time i started
    the depo shot and also dyed hair dark then a week later bleached hair. im
    29 now and the thinning has gradually increased. mainly the top front. i
    initially noticed hair fall but not so much for the last few years its more
    so maybe baby hairs i notice can fall out. the longest ive been off the
    depo is a year and then a pregnancy and i didnt notice much change. no one
    in my family thats female has thin hair. any ideas?

  21. I’m a guy 19 years old with long hair, every time i pull my hair, i see
    like 2 to 3 hairs in my hand and sometimes more, so i know is this normal
    or what?

  22. Hi. Can you help me? My hair used to be thick, it’s still thick but my hair
    falls out more than usual. I put my hair in a ponytail everytime I go to
    sleep and when I brush it with my fingers or my comb in the morning, a lot
    of hair falls out. And throughout the day, whenever I brush my fingers
    through it, 3 or more hair fall out. Oh, and I dyed my hair last month. Is
    this bad?

  23. Okay, so every time I wash my hair I always end up losing almost a golf
    ball size of hair. That’s not including how much I lose brushing my hair.
    It scares me. I also have some product build up in my hair that I’ve been
    trying to get rid of but can’t seem to get rid of. Could the product
    buildup be a problem of my hair loss? 

  24. Hi, I am 51 and my hair is literally half of what it used to be!! I had
    surgery a few years ago to remove my uterine lining and it stopped my
    menses so I don’t know if I am in the menopause or not but the thinning
    hair is devastating. Would rogain help me? or would something else help?
    It’s very bad for my self esteem.

  25. Hi mam, I am of 20 years and my hair is very dry and fizzy, i used to
    ‘seren mild’ shampoo only to wash my hair every other day, its very hard to
    set my hair , and also i noticed that when i wash my hair or give the oil
    massage to hair or combing the hair certain amount of hair says 8 to 9
    hairs are come out every time is this normal? Please answer my question….

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