Hair Loss Black Book Review – Is It Good?

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  1. Thought she was supposed to be reviewing the book, not advertising

  2. *This is the latest book that consists of efficient ways to cure hair loss.
    It was penned by Nigel Thomas, a former hair loss sufferer. Many people
    have used the book to stop their hair loss naturally and effectively since
    it was first released.*

  3. If there WERE any REAL cures for baldness (as opposed to things like
    Finasteride and Minoxidil which have limited effects and really only help
    folk who are just starting to go bald) the WHOLE WORLD would know about it
    as it would make HEADLINE NEWS everywhere! Baldness has been just too big a
    problem for too many people for too long! No-one would able to hide from
    such an announcement! Don’t kid yourselves! It’s not easy, but you can live
    with baldness. Just so long as you don’t try to hide it, as that’s when
    people really laugh at you! If someone appears to have accepted the fact
    that they are bald, they rarely get any real grief, except from the odd
    person who’s desperate to have a go at them for some other reason, and
    baldness is all they can pick on!

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