Hair Loss!? Causes, Solutions & My Experience

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  1. you can check out her hair care routines for the products she uses 🙂

  2. I’m in 6 th grade and I am loosing so much hair . My parents say because my
    new hair is growing is that true? :'(

  3. I have gone though the same thing with hair loss in the last 2 years or so,
    the amount I lose in the shower and before/ after really concerns me but
    figuring out why has been impossible. I eat fairly healthy, lots of organic
    an non gmo foods . I use organic shampoo for the most part. My thyroid is
    fine and my iron is a little low but nothing serious. The one thing I’m
    thinking to try now is b vitamins or prenatals . I also started using
    baking soda and pure peppermint Castile soap. I

  4. Try just rinsing your head with water and reconditioning. No shampoo –
    that’s what wreaks the most havoc on your scalp. It works for me when my
    head is just feeling ooky but it’s not quite wash day yet.

  5. After I delivered my daughter, I breastfed her and my hair and skin just
    went crazy. 3 months later my dad died and my hair was just coming out in
    clumps. I also injured my back and after telling my chiropractor all of
    these things he told me to get my butt back on prenatals. The B vitamin
    complex they have is wonderful for hair/skin/nail growth. During my
    pregnancy my hair was soo thick and shiny from taking them.

  6. do u ever do ootd? some of ur clothes are really cool… 🙂

  7. Your hair is already much thicker! I think whatever you’re doing is
    working. 🙂

  8. When I wash my hair so much comes out! It doesn’t feel like I have less
    hair. But it’s like suddenly so much more hair is coming out in the shower.
    Is it normal? I feel like a cat, and I “shred” more in the summer months.

  9. Taking birth control made my hair fall out. It started to fall out a year
    after I started taking it. I stopped once I finally figured it out. It took
    almost a year for my hair to stop falling out, but all along the way little
    hairs would sprout up, it’s growing back. When I see those tiny fly always,

  10. I had hypo-thyroid problems in my late teens and I had a LOT of fall out
    x.x It was horrible. Luckily I have very thick hair so it wasn’t toooooo
    bad but I was losing like handfuls every shower. I’m glad your hair is
    coming back 🙂 The best thing I could do was lighten up on conditioner
    because that makes your hair fall out more (idky tho). Just try using a
    leave-in or some serums after you shower.

  11. hiya, try Pre-Natal vitamins. they will help increase growth & volume x

  12. Hi Loepsie! I’ve been watching your videos for over a year now and I just
    love them! Congratulations for everything you have done so far. As for the
    video, rosemary helps a lot in cases of hair loss! You can make an infusion
    with this herb, let it cool and after washing your hair, use it as a final
    rinse 🙂 Rosemary thickens your hair roots and makes it more shiny. The
    only issue for some people is that rosemary tends to darken your hair
    color, but it’s just a detail 😉 A big hug from Chile <3

  13. I went to see a doctor not too long ago because my hair was falling out
    more than usual and I felt constantly tired and I’ve been diagnosed with
    Hypothyroidism. I started to take replacement hormones and I see a
    difference. I don’t lose as much hair as before/feel as constantly tired
    and it’s only been two weeks since I’ve started. Seriously, if you have any
    doubt: Go see a doctor.

  14. Every time i go into the shower like you said i have huge clumps of hair
    coming out. I feel like im going to go bald if this continues. This has
    been going on for a few months and its starting to scare me right now
    because im 13 and is this supposed to happen to 13 year olds. I don’t want
    to go bald! Im really worried about my health too because I’ve been aching
    all over everyday now and my mom thinks it’s because of my bed. Im really
    confused now and i have no idea what to do. I use tresemme shampoo and
    conditioner with argon oil. Ive recently started using the argon oil. Can
    you please help with this? 

  15. i used to have really thick, frizzy curly hair as a child, it was so
    unmanageable. I started using herbal essences and my hair fell out like
    crazy stopped using that now. I dont know if it was the shampoo or genetics
    that made my hair fall out but i’ve i am now 20 and ive noticed that my
    hair strands are really fine and thin but its the healthiest its ever been,
    its not frizzy anymore i have ringlets and i straighten it about 2 or 3
    times a week. whats really helped my hair to keep strong and thats giving
    me less breakage is John Frieda frizz ease for curly hair and the hair mask
    is absolutely amazing! my hair is softer, stronger and i’ve noticed less
    hair falling out! 

  16. I went through the same thing after I got strep throat. I couldn’t eat for
    almost 2 weeks and my hair fell out in GIANT wefts. I was traumatized, but
    I swear by aloe vera juice! I actually doubled my hair thickness from
    before my hair fell out! And I also never get sick anymore 🙂 So many
    benefits from it, but I hope this can help someone else! 

  17. You are right, stress can be a big cause for hair to fall, among others.
    Here is a list of natural methods of preventing hair loss:

    I didnt make it, but it pretty much covers all areas of why hair can fall
    and how to stop it. Hope it helps. 

  18. After a major hair loss episode, it turned out I had/still have a thyroid
    disfunction and a huge deficit in vit. D.

    I’m taking medicaments now, and the hair loss is almost gone.

    So I’m recommending seeing your doctor, if you’re shedding hair in thick

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