Hair loss distress and how to tap it away

Vera Peiffer of HairgrowthUK shows how you can use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to tap acupuncture points on the face and on the body to help de-stress …

Hair regrowth expert


  1. It is possible to re-grow your own hair in a natural way within 6 months,
    without waste tons of money for surgery & expensive treatment

  2. I find that 6 months is rarely enough to get hair to grow back again. Most
    of my clients seem to need at least 1 year, some of them longer than that.
    It depends how high your toxic load in the body is, whether you eat the
    right foods, whether you take supplements that are right for you at the
    right dose and whether your gut is seriously damaged or only slightly
    damaged. If you have a leaky gut, it will take a long time to repair it.
    Normally, all other health problems you have besides the hair loss get
    better first. The hair is usually the last thing to recover.

  3. The cause of hair loss isn’t always easy to pin down, often it’s a
    combination of things that is causing it. The way you prevent it will
    depend on what the cause/causes may be, so understanding why it’s happening
    to you may be the best place to start. Personally I use Arganl ife Anti
    Hair Loss Shampoo and the oil together it overcomes many hair problems. 

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