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  1. Am I the first M. D. to subscribe? YouTube “recommended” your channel….
    guess I was dabbling in nutrition a bit too much. Shame on me. Love the
    tomato plant analogy.. I basically say the same thing every day. “You don’t
    give a garden medicine, you just make sure it has the nutrients! ” Thanks
    for the videos. Ryan in Montgomery, Alabama 

  2. Knowledge is Power indeed Dr. Glidden. And MDs believe that they have a
    special capacity to understand what they were trained to understand. They
    don’t even attempt to educate the patient. Medical school opens its
    doors…not to the most intelligent people…b/c intelligence is not only
    MEMORY. Know the computer can store all info and we only need to press a
    key to obtain information…we need to discriminate good from bad info
    though. Thanks for your info.

  3. GLAD ABOUT THE SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS but I worry about you and Dr. Wallach
    not being teens any longer…and hope you both consider opening a SCHOOL to
    train new Dr. Gliddens and Dr. Wallachs SINCE WE CANNOT CLONE YOU WONDERFUL

  4. The Mandolina (?) to make our own potato chips? Help, how do we do those
    w/o oil and frying. Even Baking would require something oily?

  5. Good show…
    But, i found you because i listened to functional medicine people…
    As long as we look at somebody in a hoolistic way and try to find the cause
    of problems, then, i think it is GOOD !

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