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  1. Ginseng is a stimulant, but the kind I’m referring to is topical, found in
    shampoos and hair products. This won’t affect your sleep at all.

  2. The two pictures you see on my book’s cover were taken 10 months apart.
    However, I was probably most of the way there after 6-8 months. A number of
    the therapies (mostly those listed in the book, not in this video) had
    small noticeable improvements after a couple days, and I notice hair fall
    if I miss a couple days. For example, one of those is taking extra virgin
    coconut oil internally, about a tablespoon per day. Individual therapy
    benefits are small – together they are very powerful.

  3. Good luck and keep me posted. If you have questions on the contents you can
    feel free to email me (find my address at the contact us page of my

  4. Just bought your book, great read! Got lots of good information and am
    trying some of the therapies. Just ordered some extra virgin coconut oil to
    take internally as you suggested. Anyway, my concern is the saturated fat
    in the oil. I understand cooking with it, but I will be eating 1-2
    teaspoons a day on its own. Would doing so clog my arteries or make me fat?

  5. Good question, but no, actually it will do just the opposite. Coconut oil
    specifically will only raise HDL (good cholesterol) and keep LDL (bad
    cholesterol) the same. HDL carries plaque out of the arteries.
    Additionally, studies show people on weight loss diets lose more weight
    using coconut oil than those using an equal amount of olive oil (which is
    also very healthy). Also, I greatly appreciate reviews of the book on
    Amazon 😉

  6. Thanks for the quick response! And heck yes I’ll write a review soon. Also,
    do you have an email or just the one on your nutrient balance website? I
    have a few questions regarding some of the therapies that the doctors I’ve
    seen haven’t been able to answer for me.

  7. Coconut oil works like magic! Have experienced amazing health benefits,
    everything from healthier hair/skin to more energy and actually lost 10
    pounds without any extra effort since I started taking it 2 months ago and
    I have notice a difference in my cholesterol levels already and I seem to
    be thinking more clearly with less brain fog. I order mine on Amazon and
    get it in 2 days from this health company.Visit:

  8. Oh hello! Have you heard about – Trifecta Epic Hair Growth Plan (should be
    on google have a look)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my
    brother in law finally said good bye to the hair loss problem with it.

  9. You should make more videos man! You have some great research. Definitely
    better than most people I run across.

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