Hair Loss on Raw Till 4, 30 Bananas a Day, and 80/10/10 Diet

I’ve lost a lot of hair from eating a low-fat, high-carb vegan diet and it’s still coming out in chunks. I changed my diet recently so hopefully it will start growing back soon. I will be publishin…

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  1. WOW!! This I did not know…tells me a lot about the vegan diet….or is it
    just the raw fruit diet….too little greens and fats?….Har/Lee got on
    the cooked foods because they lost too much weight on the raw 811 diet…he
    said…so then it is deficient…Crazy ppl!! 

  2. It’s incredibly sad that people are putting so much faith in a diet that
    even when they see the harm it’s causing to their bodies, they just keep
    soldiering on, as though it’s going to magically get better, or as though
    there is no possible way the diet could be to blame.

    Hair loss, tooth decay..these are major red flags! You can tell from many
    of the comments that these are very young girls, and it just makes me
    cringe. I hope their parents are watching closely and ready to yank them
    off this shitty diet.

    Freelee better hope no one sues.

  3. Someone actually asked which fruit they should eat for iron…facepalm.
    Way to research a diet! Sheesh.

  4. It’s funny because they bash on Dr Graham for his water fasts causing harm
    yet their diet leads to all sorts of problems which they classify as detox
    and tell people to harden up.

  5. Why is is it also that someone like Christine Cronau eats about 40g of
    Carbs a day, 200g of butter a day and looks amazing, slim and healthy. goes
    against the prevailing logic a bit

  6. Hairloss! Why? Because you had a poor diet before, and now when you are on
    a healthy diet your body will get rid of the old hair.. so when you just
    stay on the vegan path you will get strong healthy hair:-) After going raw
    till 4 (I was vegan/vegetarian before) I have got much better hair – new
    hair are growing out, and my hair is just stronger and smoother:-) I love
    my hair!

  7. I do have answers to this, I am a Vegan but I take vitamins to make sure I
    have everything I need in my body. I’m just allergic to every animal
    product and it makes me sick. But I take vitamins to prevent any long term
    damage lol.

  8. Thousand upon thousand of people have changed diet to the 80/10/10 diet
    without hair loss. A few exceptions are NORMAL and only proves that people
    can loose hair on ANY diet. One important fact is that hair follicles
    sometimes goes into phase shift and release the hairs due to diet change,
    this doesn’t mean that the hair follicles are dead, in many cases their
    production will catch up later on. Now I don’t necessarily recommend the
    80/10/10 diet..but this channel seems to be bashing both DR and F in

  9. Damn, so m many people with hair loss, feel sorry for them, that’s

  10. Hey Sandra, do you work for Truth.co.uk. If you check their website you see
    that their partners are…Plizer, Heinz, Unilever, Cancer Research UK,
    Braclays, Pepsi and the list goes on and on. So if you are advertising for
    them. Is it possible you are trying to give Freelee a bad publicity because
    you have different goals. Really fruit does not make people sick, fat or

  11. You are talking about this like its happening to everyone, and it is not

  12. Quite crazy that people see thei hair falling out like that, and even
    suspect they’re not getting enough proteins… and STILL think thier diet
    is good for them…! OMG… Of course it’s protein deficient + although
    many people claim otherwise, there is some stuff in meat that some people
    require to be healthy – we are not all the same in terms of what works for

  13. Truthfully I believe the stance that is being taken to change a lifestyle
    that works for others and not for some is just utterly distasteful. So your
    hair started falling out dont do continue the lifestye anymore! But to talk
    negatively or to belittle a lifestyle that has helped others become more
    healthy for an example like reverse diabetes. Just because it hasn’t not
    worked for you its not wrong for others. Say your peace and find something
    different but dont be such a thorn to stop others from making a change. And
    this for EVERYONE doing Raw till 4 or not! To each his and her own.

  14. Also all your videos are just bashing someone you dont know. When does a
    video title calling someone a whore proves your sincerity to your cause. It
    seems more of a deflection upon how you actually feel about the person in

  15. Carb the Fuck Up! by Durianrider. Pay $30 for a collection of stolen
    internet memes and other work that infringes on the original author’s
    copyright. Carb the Fuck Up! by Durianrider – Book Review

  16. I could be wrong but I notice wrinkle injections on Lea. This is supporting
    animal lab experiments isn’t it? I prefer to age like the beautiful Patti
    Smith myself……………

  17. Are you sure this people are eating to 2500-3000 calories per day? Any
    person who under eats will lose his/her hair…. 

  18. The very first picture in this video is of a girl who follows Paleo diet,
    so it’s a tad misleading.

  19. A sign of B12 deficiency is hair loss and also lack of energy, go to the
    doctor and get blood tests done :)

  20. While healing have you tried:

    Vegan B12 supplement.

    Chlorophyll or wheatgrass shots

    As well as – In Smoothies:
    Walnuts nuts and almonds
    Pumpkin, sesame, linseed / flax, chia and hemp seeds etc)
    A table spoon or two of each and all can be soaked in water for a few hours
    or over night.
    Blueberries and goji berries
    Fruit with leafy greens – correct combined (look this up) (Spinach,
    kale, swiss chard, broccoli florets)

    Cooked lentils, sweet potato, dark green veg and carrots
    All per day.

    (Some might eat a small bit or organic meat once a week or once a
    fortnight) or salmon poultry.

    What if the reason for hair loss is the huge amount of pesticides sprayed
    on the large amount of fruit consumed.
    Depleted nutrients GMO fruit.
    Just like new mother hair loss – all the nutrients is used for the baby.

    At the end of the day what works for them may not work for others.

    All the best!

  21. I think it could be too much sugar intake from eating and juicing fruits
    and veggies. I reduced and removed fruits and veggies with high sugar
    content and everything was back to normal… Then, months later, I put the
    banana, dates, beets, apples, carrots, oranges back in the juicing routine
    and hair started shedding again. I then, took them out and my hair is fine

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