Hair Loss Problem – just watch how I create my hairline with DermMatch

It’s often difficult to deal with losing hair, especially if you’re bald at an early age. The outcome of such a thing will spark interest in people if there …

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  1. This is cool man, I was actually looking at hair line tattooing costs and
    its darn expensive for me, and the fact that am in Asia…… wont work for
    me….. can u give me the details of the products that u are
    using………… thumbs up for u man…… 🙂

  2. Does this work good on ur hairline if u r creating one, does it look
    natural? Does it look good to the point where u can go to the barber n he
    can use a sharp razor to edge it up?

  3. How did u get ur hairline so perfect, how long did it take 4 u to get ur
    method down packed?

  4. Does it last all day? Does it withstand sweat? Please let me know what it
    is and the aplicator too. This would be awsome for social events where a
    hat is undesirable.

  5. Great job!! where i can get that product and works with scars too?

  6. Don’t forget to wash your head with any shampoo before applying , your
    scalp must be dry no sweating at all . In summer I use to put my fan the
    time I’m applying then after that you can sweat as much as you can .

  7. HIShairclinic can do this permanently for you. I had mine done a month ago
    and I love it. No daily hassles with DermMatch…I literally wake up in the
    morning with the stubble look on my head.

  8. Looks amazing, do you apply this dry or wetting the applicator. If dry how
    do you get so much powder on the applicator, I can’t seem to get much when
    I try.

  9. looks good, couple of questions. How resistant is it to your head being
    touched or rubbed? also how about if you wear a hat or something on top.
    does it cover smudge/rub it off. reply would be appreciated 🙂

  10. I have just ordered 1 disk, how long will it last if i apply this every
    day? Approximately? Cause you have to apply this every day, right? To keep
    the “illusion” going? 😉

  11. At first don’t do it like me just dab a little on your head and spread ( or
    rub ) with your fingers until you get it right , it took me about 3 days to
    apply it correctly . Once you apply it correctly no one will notice even
    from 1 foot I promise , the video is nothing if you see me in front of you
    you will amaze . The hair line on the front will fade dramatically after
    applying and will look natural . Do not wet your head after applying I did
    that just to show it’s water proof .Keep trying bro

  12. it is pretty good. can i know what is the name of the product please . and
    how long can it use. eg. i day or one week …can i have more details about
    that. any contact number ?

  13. Please read the description and all my comments you will get your answer ,
    I don’t think you can use helmet as it will wipe it off especially if you
    sweat .

  14. hum ok, you may never try this before but if i go for example to the pool
    or specially the beach, sea water can erase the dermmatch aplicattion?

  15. No need to make it looks like little dots on your head as tattoo , it’s not
    possible as this is a compact powder basically just shade your head as I
    did may be your way and you will see the illusion better than tattoo. I’m
    using this since October 2010 till now working 8 hours a day with same
    people no one ever notice I’m bald they just think I shave my head , before
    that I was wearing a hat.Trick is one day I apply it lightly and the second
    day a bit darker . Read all my comments for more tips.

  16. Don’t buy dark brown or grey as this mostly for people who will use it wet
    on thinning hair then they match the color , buy black that what I’m using
    , when use dry on shave head it looks dark grey color , when you wet the
    applicator then it will looks black but dry will look dark grey and will
    stay the same color even sweating , in the rain or swimming , you can rub a
    little on your existing hair to match . Tips I rub the fingers which have
    dermmatch on them (black fingers) on the existing hair

  17. thank you so much for the patience, i will try it and follow your tips very
    carefully, seems i don’t have many options left to trim my head and try
    dermmatch dark brown whit the link you gave me, cheers

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