Hair Loss Remedies – Caboki video clip

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Hair regrowth expert


  1. I am trying to decide between dark and medium brown to buy on caboki.com,
    can you tell me which color is used in the video?

  2. @Anarex71 The color of dark brown is used in the featured video. If you are
    in between two colors, we do find the darker shade generally works better
    and gives more natural appearance.

  3. I started using Caboki about five months ago. No complaints yet. Great
    product for my thinning hair.

  4. @spg330 We are currently offering free sample trial for a very limited
    time. Please visit caboki.com for more information.

  5. does this works for long hair or it works where u have no hair at all like
    on front side?please reply

  6. @AliAsghar5011 It only works at area that has existing hair. Get a free
    sample to try it out.

  7. what happens if it rains? The dude will be walking around with streaks of
    black ink running down his face and staining his white work shirt?

  8. if this is only 20 bucks whats to lose take out coffee lotto tix for 2 days
    i could sell tons of it men hate being lacking hair

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