Hair Loss Solution with Stem Cells

http://newhairlaser.com John Satino, clinical director, is featured in this news telecast and demonstrates the exact procedures being used in researching ste…

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  1. all i keep hearing about is this miracle stem cell crap. where the fuck can
    you get it? stop talkin about it, and offer the damn thing.

  2. I AGREE WITH YOU!!! I also used Propecia and had serious problems with it!
    The drug causes: impotence, edema, insomnia, chronic fatigue and
    depression! The problem is that the side-effects are PERMANENT not
    temporary like Merck claims! Also don’t believe this 1-2% bullshit! Many
    are beginning to question Merck’s clinical trial numbers. Merck has even
    gone as far as “locking” their wikipedia-page on Propecia to prevent
    victims from voicing their concerns. Very disturbing!

  3. Well at least this dude has a well shaped head. When your head reminds you
    of an egg or ball, it’s an absolute nightmare to lose your hair. And what
    really pisses me off are the people thinking about men like Vin Diesel (who
    has very nicely shaped head) and tell you that it’s not a big deal.

  4. hairloss2point0 is yet another money grubbing snake oil salesman exploiting
    peoples fears and insecurities. If your interested in being coerced by a
    scrolling sales pitch with an ORDER NOW button at the bottom, this is the
    site for you. It’s crap like this that clutters the real conversation. Get
    lost creep.

  5. Yeah, I hate when people who don’t really suffer from hair loss judge the
    people who are going through it. It’s like, if it happened to you, then you
    would begin to understand how hair loss can mess with a person’s self
    confidence and self esteem. This is an important issue, because so many
    people suffer from hair loss and hope for a cure so that they can look and
    feel like they did years ago. And they don’t have to feel anything less
    than important…

  6. i feel bad for this guy, as i would anyone whos losing hair, but honestly
    im only 19 and im already starting to lose my hair and this guys 30 and to
    ashmad to walk around with a shaved head? most ppl understand tht if ur
    shaving ur head u have hairloss, tht wat i will do once it gets bad, u
    don’t need to wear a hat all the time lol

  7. @donbear1983 WHERE IS THE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!

  8. All these men who are complaining about getting PERMANENT SIDE-EFFECTS from
    Propecia… NEED TO SHUT THEIR FUCKING MOUTH-HOLES!! I work at Merck and I
    can assure you that this drug has NO SIDE-EFFECTS WHATSOEVER! In addition,
    don’t search “Propecia Side Effects Forums” on google. Those websites are
    loaded with viruses that will destroy your computer. So don’t search them!

  9. @prsglenn the thing about this stem cell treatments is that they are all
    over the place but the evidence that they do stuff is far and few between.

  10. Thousands of dollars is robbery. I guarantee you could do this at home for
    less than $100 , First making a centrifuge isn’t that hard , a vile place
    at a 45 degree angle attached to a high speed drill will do the same, so
    separating blood isn’t the tough part. having some one injecting in your
    scalp with the plasma wouldn’t be either it would just be time consuming.
    Getting a hold of a syringe and a vile can easily be found online, if
    doctors gave a crap they would do this for reasonable $

  11. @djsuess2007 thats exactly why people do this kind of ish overseas…
    waaaay cheaper! I quote $2000 for about 3-6 months of treatments.

  12. @DBSpy1 I get confused about it to, but I know that circulating the blood
    flow helps the hair to grow. That’s why they always suggest that you
    massage the scalp, but I am still not understanding the correlation.

  13. @Searchinganswers me too…. i wanna see the after video! let me know if
    you find it

  14. @LybioVideo I will if I remember. However I dont think I will find it. I
    want the person who uploaded this to link to it. If there is any. 🙂

  15. Bullshit, I regrew mine through reverse odmosis, it’s chemicals in ware
    causing alopecia immune disease

  16. Hey! Have you tried – Trifecta Epic Hair Growth Plan (search on google)?
    Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cousin eradicated the hair
    loss problem with it.

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