Hair loss: solutions for mature women

Is your hair getting thinner with each birthday? www.nioxin.com www.RawVitamins.com Biotin- you can buy anywhere Products from Essence Magazine Feb.2010 p…

Hair regrowth expert


  1. @symonee2000 ….thank u….I will be posting video on my other
    channel…come check out your girl!

  2. gurl WHOLEFOODS is a rip off…go to IHERB.COM or VITACOST.COM <— is
    excellent if you want certain vitamins and minerals in bulk…they carry a
    brand by the name NSI which is excellent in quality and price….not only
    that the shipping service is excellent for both sites mentioned above…i
    hope this helps and happy hair growth =]

  3. I really enjoyed your information. Thank you for taking time to post your

  4. stop perming,eat right,stress,use all natural productsand do not be a
    product junky,,,,

  5. i super love garden of life 50 and wiser multi with iron for women 50 and
    older, also, i love there raw code antioxidant supplements i take also
    daily even on a empty stomach, i never gotten upset stomach taking garden
    of life, I highly recommend this product!!!! i feel a whole lot better and
    calmer with this supplements!!!

  6. When you have a ball at the end, that’s natural hair shedding. When you are
    experiencing shedding without a ball, then that’s hair loss.

  7. It’s 12-20-11 now. How has all that worked for your thinning? What do you
    believe to be the most effective?

  8. I’m watching this video for the first time, and I am also considering
    seeing a dermatologist about Propecia or Proscar (mentioned in Oprah
    magazine January 2012). Did you ever visit a doctor?

  9. Great film. I’ve stop perming & weaving my hair.. Drinking more water in
    conjunction to my vitamins most of all my dermatologist recommend sulfate
    free shampoos / products..

  10. I suffer from hereditary hair loss and was told by my derm that there isn’t
    much I can do. I could commit to Rogaine for women but will have to take it
    forever. I don’t want to do that so I’ve pretty much accepted that my hair
    will be gone in a matter of years. Happened to my mother and will happen to
    me too. I will however try the remedies you’ve suggested on this video.
    Thank you for posting.

  11. I’ve used Nioxin it worked for me a little while but then it stopped…..I
    quess different strokes for different folks! I have taken the natural
    approach, I’m seeing some progress; however, I am on medication, so I’ll
    keep you posted on my progress.

    Prayerfully Hairfully


  12. Hey! Have you heard the talk about – Trifecta Epic Hair Growth Plan
    (probably on Google)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate
    at last said good bye to the baldness problem with it.

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