Hair Loss Treatment – David’s Thinning Hair Filled in & Hairline Lowered at HIS Hair Clinic (part 2)

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  1. Funny how he mentioned how people tend to look at your hairline missing. I
    can definitely relate. I can’t wait to get this process done. I’m in
    Chicago and notice you guys just opened up a location here. Thank Lord.

  2. HIS do you have any plans to open up your clinic at Singapore.

  3. Currently there are no immediate plans to open up in Singapore, however
    that could change in the distant future, The nearest clinic to you is our
    Hong Kong clinic

  4. HIS last knight I`ve clicked few pictures of mine,i`ve a bad scar and would
    like to get a Quotation and the procedure for the treatment like how many
    days it`s gonna take,Suggest me the best institute in USA. I`ve been
    waiting all these days because of the cost fact and i need an email address
    to send my pictures and my requirement of SMP style,Thank you.

  5. If you send your pictures to usa@hishairclinic. com then a member of the
    team can take a look at them and get back to you

  6. Are you guys planning to open clinic in Vancouver, Canada any time soon?

  7. Nothing has been confirmed yet for Canada, however there is big demand over
    there and we will be looking into the possibility of expanding over there

  8. We are looking to come to Canada very soon, so keep an eye out on our
    website/forum for the latest news

  9. he’s a good looking young guy, no doubt and he’s wearing good kit. and it
    looks good except the hairline is too sharp. (as he ages he’ll wanna soften
    it) But ?? One more thing to worry about it? One less thing to worry about?
    hey mate, you got ink on your head? =worry hey darling, where is your hair
    (as she strokes your head) ? = worry

  10. The finished look is what is chosen by the clients themselves, our
    practitioners do make recommendations, however ultimately the final
    decision on the look/style is chosen by the client. It’s also very much a
    personal choice and every individual will want something that they are
    going to be happy with. Hence you see varied styles ranging from broken,
    soft, receding and defined. We are also able to soften and break up the
    hair line at a later date to make it more age appropriate

  11. I have began to think about this, im bald, not thinning, the hair that does
    grow on top is sparse, i shave it both ways, as i LOVE being bald,
    seriously, but i am so tired of wet shaving it both ways, and this does
    look good….

  12. I would do it immediately if you had a place in Canada. I think Montreal or
    Toronto would be obvious choices

  13. A little update since our previous message. We are looking at locations in
    Canada and are hoping to have a clinic up and running there in the first
    quarter of 2014. Keep an eye on our website/forum for the latest

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