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  1. Bizarre, the guy talking about the machine is going bald, case closed, the
    machine doesnt work..

  2. feel sorry for this gal. She’s gonna get locked into their ongoing
    program. Did you see the look on her face when she found that out?
    and thousands of dollars wasted on this total bullshit. How do they
    justify porking these poor people out of that kind of money? Reminds me of
    HAIR CLUB which I almost joined back when I was 30 something. Thank god I
    never went with them. Someone will eventually have a breakthrough and
    offer it to the general public at a reasonable price, Until then, these
    corporate shit heads will continue to gouge the consumer with false
    promises and endless costly treatments.

  3. Try a certified herbalist ants clean up your past with a grandfather
    cleanse. Also adding the supplements needed to aide the body in functioning
    correctly will assist in correcting a lot of issues including hair loss.

  4. aye baby, work on the body also, i’m a 42yr old male, have hair loss too!,
    sometimes you got to say o’l well!! thats just how it goes! but one thing
    for sure is to avoid read meat/caffeine! but i never let my body get too
    out of shape! I may be thinning but @ least I can take my shirt off @ the

  5. Yes, treat your hair loss with X treatment from this doctor…with a
    receding hair line that doesn’t look at all natural and looks just like he
    had transplant surgery. Life sucks for people with hair loss, some people
    lose from stress, others from allergies, most from GENETICS. Yes, you have
    bad DNA if your hair is falling out. Accept it. There is no cure, no
    magic pill or paste to help. Only surgery right now but who knows what is
    coming out soon. It’s terribly depressing to lose hair, especially if you
    are young. If even one method works outside of surgery, it would be the
    biggest thing in the world and everyone would talk about, everyone would
    use it and the medical companies would profit from it. Nothing like that
    is happening, that means NOTHING actually works. Rogaine only grows hair
    that is already there, that extremely thin and light fuzz hair that is not
    really part of your normal stranding. The other drugs can mess you up.
    It’s all nonsense because your hair line will still push back if that is
    how your genetics are telling it to. Useless to cover it up, combo over,
    wig. Just shave it and accept it. Hope to god you dont have sensitive
    skin like I do haha. Otherwise the razor burn will get cha…

  6. It would be nice if the photos before and after were shot with the same

  7. these bastards are ripoff artists, the before and after pics are after a
    powder like Toppix is applied, instant results, really works, but it does
    wash out with shampoo. They should be horsewhipped for the scam they push
    on unsuspecting people

  8. The best option is still a hair transplant. Everything else is nonsense.

  9. Why so dramatic? Like is crying necessary over this? I’m only 18 and have
    the hairline of a 40 year old. Like if its gona happen, its gona happen. It
    is what it is and there is no magic involved in growing hair.

  10. Wow man up lady.I’m 13 I have this and its in lots more places. she only
    has it in one little spot. -.-

  11. I’m sorry if I seem to be inconsiderate but I’m not trying to make double
    standards; I too felt terrible when I lost my hair as a man. My hair was a
    combination of curly/straight & it was very pretty. Even though women think
    a bald man is sexy, we have for centuries tried to fight this problem. The
    tear jerking & whatever women go though I understand. But even though I’m
    handsome bald, & look younger than my classmates with hair, I still look
    older & would want My hair to grow back! 

  12. I m african american and ” arganraın products ” works great on my hair. ıt
    really helps my hair grow. my family and friends are now using it. my
    friend is caucasian and says her thinning hair is becoming thicker. be sure
    to follow the directions. good luck !!!

  13. Dutasteride is a prescription drug that stops hairless by stoping the
    bodies creation of DHT. It is much, much stronger than Propecia. The name
    brand is called Advodart. You can get generics online for much cheaper

  14. Does anyone remember the eyetoy, from the ps2, it shows the same thing as
    that funky machine thing hahahaa

  15. I read a lot of good opinions on the net about how exactly Zunhairex
    Secrets (do a search on google) can help you cures your hair loss and
    regrow it safely. Has anybody tried this popular hair loss home treatment?

  16. At least she’s Thin somewhere… Lol
    Losing weight will boost her confidence more than fat hair!

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