Hair Loss Treatment Video Diary – Comparison Day 1 to Day 88

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  1. whats the difrence between 5% and 12.5% ? where can i buy the 12.5? is it
    the same as the rogaine 5% ? (same botlle difrent version?)

  2. Minoxidil 12.5% is a stronger formulation of minoxidil and is produced by
    the Belgravia Pharmacy. This form of minoxidil is only available from the
    Belgravia Centre. Minoxidil 12.5% + AA is a cream and also contains an
    added DHT blocker – Azelaic Acid. You can find more information by going to
    the Belgravia Centre website and adding /minoxidil125.htm to the URL.

  3. We treat hundreds of hair loss sufferers every week, and it is very unusual
    for a man to experience noticeable excess hair growth on other areas of the
    body. We do however find that some women, especially those with dark skin
    (usually of Asian origin) can sometimes experience increased facial hair
    growth from stronger forms of minoxidil (usually above 5%). For this, the
    Belgravia pharmacy offers a proven prescription cream called ‘Vaniqa’ that
    helps to reduce the unwanted hair.

  4. We don’t believe that his hair is in fact much longer in the second video.
    As you can see the sides are the same length and we believe the increased
    density of his hair creates the illusion that his hair is in fact longer.
    However, taking you, and some other people’s comments into consideration we
    made sure that Diya cut his hair shorter for the second (6 month)
    comparison and you can see his day 1 to day 179 comparison on YouTube – his
    hair in this video is in fact much shorter than day 1…

  5. We do not have a clinic in New York but our treatments are available to
    anybody world-wide via our online mail-order hair loss service. Please
    visit the Belgravia website (you can find a link in the information box to
    the right of the video) and submit an ‘online diagnostic form’. Following
    receipt of your form we will contact you with details of your treatment

  6. same, Belgravia Centre improved my hair / confidence so much. you guys are

  7. Ohh Thats Impressive!! Excellent. I got a hope by watching this video. At
    the moment im using Rogaine, but the result are very slim, can i use the
    Minoxidil as well. Plz reply Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Nokhary. Rogaine is a form of minoxidil, so you are already using it!
    Belgravia however offers specially prepared formulations in various
    concentrations (4%, 5% and 12.5%) with additives that may help to block DHT
    (the fundamental cause of genetic hair loss). Diya also uses other products
    that drastically improve the rate of regrowth. You can find more
    information on our hair loss treatments page (type ‘belgravia hair loss
    treatment’ in Google).

  9. So it not only stopped hair loss it halps regrow new hair? Do you sell
    pills or spray?

  10. @Alexjakyle Hair transplants should be carried out as a last resort. In
    many cases hair can be regrown from the use of preventative treatments. You
    can view our online photo-scans and success stories to see examples of this
    on the Belgravia Centre website. There are hundreds, and we have thousands
    of happy clients.

  11. Hey i was windering if i could get help… Im from lancashire though… Do
    you have any branches here? Thanks

  12. @rmiah11 Hi! Our home-use online service gives the opportunity to anybody
    around the UK and the world to benefit from our hair loss treatment
    programmes. Please visit The Belgravia Centre website and click on the
    ‘Belgravia Worldwide’ image on the home page. This will lead you to our
    online diagnostic form. Please complete and submit this form and a
    treatment advisor will be in contact with details of your hair loss
    diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

  13. @KROGER299 we do not have branches in Manchester, but we do have many
    patients who live in Manchester and all around the world. People unable to
    visit our London centre are able to take advantage of our online diagnostic
    form (found on The Belgravia Centre website). The form can be instantly
    submitted, and provides a Belgravia trichologist with all of the details
    required to diagnose your hair loss condition and recommend an effective
    course of home-use treatment, which can be sent by post.

  14. Did this gentleman get treated with minoxidil and propecia? Im interested
    in knowing the treatment he had. Also, are women treated with minoxidil?
    thank you!

  15. @papercandles Diya was treated with a treatment course based around
    minoxidil 12.5% + Azelaic Acid cream and Propecia with various hair growth
    boosters. You can find more information on the optimum treatments available
    by visiting The Belgravia Centre website (link provided above or you can
    search Google).

  16. @VENUEATHENS Hi. Yes, Belgravia treats people all over the world. Please
    visit The Belgravia Centre website (link can be found underneath the video,
    or by searching Google) and complete our online diagnostic form which can
    be found by clicking the ‘Belgravia Worldwide’ link on the home page. The
    form is used for diagnosis and to recommend the optimum treatments for home
    use. Once we receive the form you will be contacted by a Belgravia
    treatment advisor who will go through your options with you.

  17. Hi Ikram. Side effects for each affect less than 2% of people and are
    usually mild. More information can be found on the Belgravia Centre website.

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