Hair Loss Treatment Video Diary Month 1 – Diya

http://www.belgraviacentre.com. Brought to you by the Belgravia Hair Loss Centre; Diya reports on his hair loss treatment course. Here we hear from him on hi…

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  1. also 24 yrs old and i having losing my hair since 20 it’s so frustate pl
    anyone can tell me what i need used cause rogaine din’t work for me thx

  2. Belgravia’s treatment courses are based around medically proven treatments
    for hair loss. Combined and administered correctly the correct treatments
    will almost always result in hair loss stabilisation and most also
    experience some degree of regrowth. Please visit The Belgravia Centre
    website by typing ‘Belgravia Centre’ in Google – you will find information
    on the most effective treatment options and hundreds of before/during
    treatment photos and success stories.

  3. Same here, I’m also 24 and already my hair is noticeably thinning. I was
    considering that hair max laser comb thigy but i’m not sure if it works.
    Wonder if anyone here has a success story yet?

  4. Diya uses Propecia and experienced no side effects. He also uses The
    Belgravia Centre’s minoxidil 12.5% + azelaic acid cream. More information
    on The Belgravia Centre website

  5. It is possible that lack of nutrients can affect hair growth but the
    majority of cases of hair loss are down to genetics.

  6. It’s unlikely that this is down to stopping using shampoo. Perhaps your
    hair loss was a temporary condition. Washing the hair and keeping it clean
    is beneficial to the hair and hair loss prevention.

  7. I’m not too sure about that, I read chemicals in shampoo damage hair
    folicles, people have had to switch to more natural shampoos because of
    their hairloss

  8. It’s possible that allergic reactions to certain shampoo ingredients can
    cause scalp complaints, but not hair loss. There is not enough absorbtion
    into the scalp for a shampoo to damage the follicles.

  9. last one, 29 yr old thinning hair,,,don’t want to do rogaine or
    propecia….whats the best natural thing that i can take …. is that saw

  10. You can find our review on Provillus by typing ‘Provillus Belgravia’ in
    Google. Our report appears at the top of the Google listings with the title
    ‘Provillus – How Effective is Provillus Likely To Be for Hair Loss’.

  11. @alber12111 Belgravia’s treatment courses are available to anybody around
    the world. Please visit the Belgravia Centre website and click on the ‘home
    use service’ link. This will lead to our diagnostic form, which can be
    completed and submitted in minutes for a Belgravia trichologist to check.
    They will diagnose your hair loss condition and recommend an effective
    course of treatment which can be sent to your home. A treatment advisor
    will contact you to discuss your options.

  12. Did this guy get any hair transplants for his temples and frontal hair
    line? Please answer. Thanks. And great video.

  13. @RussX5Z Diya did not have any surgical procedure. The regrowth at his
    temples and crown was achieved from the use of a combination medicated
    treatment programme from The Belgravia Centre. There are hundreds more
    similar success stories on The Belgravia Centre website – just type
    ‘Belgravia Centre success stories’ in Google.

  14. @xzaxx After testing various brands of 15% minoxidil solution, we found
    that the dose was in fact much less because it seems from our
    investigations that minoxidil in a higher dose than 5% will not dissolve
    properly in liquid. The Belgravia Pharmacy does however produce its own
    minoxidil 12.5% cream which we find to be highly effective and perfect for
    stubborn cases hair loss that might not have cleared up with the use of
    lower doses of minoxidil.

  15. @dogmatic72 the treatments we offer are only effective for reversing hair
    loss of the scalp. If you are experiencing hair loss on your beard I would
    advise you visit your doctor. This could be alopecia areata.

  16. It worked my hair not beard I had alopecia areata and I’m using 12.5% with

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