Hair Loss Treatment Video Diary Month 3 – Diya

http://www.belgraviacentre.com. Brought to you by the Belgravia Hair Loss Centre – follow Diya’s progress during his hair loss treatment course. Diya has now…

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  1. how much would this treatment cost? im only 20 and have major hair loss, im
    greatly thnking of doing something very similar. please give me price
    ranges thank u so much.

  2. The cost of treatment depends on the treatments that are recommended
    following a trichological diagnosis. You can get an idea of costs for
    Belgravia’s optimum treatment programmes by visiting our price comparison
    page, which gives details of Belgravia’s treatment courses and their costs
    compared to a number of other centres following an investigation. You can
    find the page by going to the Belgravia Centre website and clicking on
    ‘Hair Clinic Price and Treatment Comparison’ box on the home page.

  3. So this person is only taking proscar and minoxidil?? Is it minoxodil
    12.5%? I have only come across minoxidil 5%? From where can i get this.

  4. The Belgravia Centre produce specially tailored treatment courses for hair
    loss consisting of the proven treatments (Propecia and Minoxidil) as well
    as various ‘booster’ treatments that optimise and maximise results. Diya
    uses Minoxidil 12.5% + Azelaic Acid cream which is produced by the
    Belgravia Centre Pharmacy, Treatments are available by visiting the London
    centre for free consultation or through mail-order online. For the website,
    you can Google ‘Belgravia Centre’ or visit the link above.

  5. Viviscal is not a product that is offered by The Belgravia Centre. Please
    visit the Belgravia Centre blog (type ‘belgravia blog’ in Google). If you
    click on the ‘hair loss product reviews’ category you will find reviews of
    a number of similar, unproven products. Belgravia’s specialists primarily
    offer treatments that are proven to work because there is no proof behind
    the efficacy of any other products.

  6. Diya uses a combination of treatments that are medically proven to prevent
    and reverse hair loss. You can find more information on the Belgravia
    Centre website (type ‘belgravia centre’ in Google).

  7. Are you sure that this is not hair transplant? because the results are
    really shocking. I would like to know more about this because I am
    suffering from hair loss too. Right now I look just like Diya looked on the
    first video. Is this only in the UK? I live in NY and can’t travel all the
    way over there.

  8. We frequently see response similar to Diya’s from use of the treatment
    combinations we offer (no surgery involved). Belgravia’s treatment
    combinations are available via our online mail-order hair loss service to
    anyone around the world. Please visit the Belgravia website (you can find a
    link in the box to the right of the video) and complete an online
    diagnostic form which can be submitted directly to a hair loss specialist.
    You will be contacted with details of your treatment recommendations.

  9. Okay thank you. I’ll look in to that. Good work on Diya, he’s a lucky guy
    to have results like that. Maybe I can get those same results or better.

  10. Oh by the way. Do you guys have stuff for receding hairlines? because I am
    already on Propecia and Rogaine for 6 months now and all i’ve seen is my
    hair completely stopped falling and the back filled out failry well. As far
    as my hairline goes it’s still the same and I am disappointed because
    that’s what I care about the most.

  11. The treatment we offer specifically for stubborn areas of hair loss such as
    a receding hairline is minoxidil 12.5% + Azelaic Acid cream (you can find
    more information on the belgravia centre website). The cream is produced by
    the Belgravia pharmacy.

  12. dear belgraviaecentre, since i dont live in the UK, would it be possible to
    order this product overseas?

  13. Belgravia’s treatment courses are available to anybody world-wide. For
    people that are not able to visit our London centre you can visit the
    Belgravia Centre website (there is a link to the right of the video above)
    and visit the ‘online diagnostic form’ page. This form can be completed and
    submitted directly to one of Belgravia’s hair specialists, following which
    you will be contacted by a Belgravia treatment advisor who will discuss
    your diagnosis and treatment recommendations with you.

  14. I treated my hair loss by massaging my scalp. The skin around the scull
    tightens on the male causing the hair follicles to not get the necessary
    blood supply. The institute seems to be discovering how to dilate the skin
    by topical ointments. Now research is in order to find topical applications
    for all genetic variables in the male human being. But massage cause hair
    to grow back. At least in my case.

  15. Scalp massage is not an effective way to prevent hair loss so it is very
    unlikely that this is what caused your hair to grow back. Perhaps your hair
    loss was a temporary condition and it would have grown back anyway, had you
    not massaged your scalp.

  16. Genetic hair loss is a permanent condition so if this is the cause (as in
    Diya’s case) treatment needs to be ongoing. Results vary from person to
    person and it’s difficult to tell how well somebody will respond before
    they use treatment. Most people will stop losing their hair at the very
    least and many will also see regrowth. You can get a better idea of viewing
    Belgravia’s success stories (type ‘belgravia success stories’ in Google).

  17. Today is my 86th day on propecia. Can you tell mi if it’s possible that
    propecia need more than 3 month for me to stabilise hair loss?

  18. Hi Marko. Propecia usually takes about three months before results might
    begin to be noticeable. Not everyone will however achieve visible amounts
    of regrowth from Propecia alone.

  19. Our home-use service is available in Australia – please complete our online
    diagnostic form, which can be found on the website. All of the treatments
    offered to the patients who visit our London clinics are available to you
    in Melbourne. Sorry for the late reply – there has been a problem with our
    YouTube notifications.

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